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A Public Domain Playground!

It can become real easy to write off using Public Domain content as “hard-to-find” or “old” but I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. And to prove it, I’m going to share a couple sites with you that I’ve been “playing” with lately to find high-quality Public Domain content. These sites also happen to be the first three sites I include in the “Government Sites” section of my new e-book, “Public Domain Profit Centers.”

First, I’ll share the sites…and this is excerpted straight from the book. 
This site delivers information about current U.S. foreign policy and about American life and culture. It is produced by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs.  ? is a “one-stop” link to a broad range of federal information resources available online. It is designed so that you can locate information by category ? such as Food, Health, Product Safety, Your Money, and Transportation. Each category has subcategories to direct you to areas within individual federal web sites containing related information.
The Consumer Action Website is maintained and updated by the Federal Citizen Information Center and provides consumer topics that allow you to access tips for purchasing specific goods and services,
like cars, home improvement, insurance, and more. It also includes handy information about spam, identity theft, credit, travel, utilities and more.

Now let me tell you just how amazing these three sites are. On these sites, you can find some of the most relevant, up-to-date content I’ve seen anywhere. And consider this…first, the content was written by government experts whose job it is to make sure what they share is accurate. Second, YOUR tax dollars paid to have this content produced (which is why it’s in the Public Domain to begin with). So do you want to “write” an e-book on how to save your home from foreclosure (a VERY relevant issue right now)? You can find great content for it on these sites. Do you want to produce a product on how to protect yourself from identity theft? There is a ton of great info on these sites.

My point is simply this…you NEED to be using Public Domain content to make your product creation easier…AND…you have no excuses to NOT use it. Now the sites I shared in this e-mail are just 3 of over 230 websites I included in “Public Domain Profit Centers.” If you haven’t picked up your own copy yet, trust me, you are missing out because I found some truly amazing sites with Public Domain content!

You can pick up your own copy by following the link below…and YES…it’s still at the introductory price…and YES…all the bonuses are still available for a limited time. Get yours now and jump-start your next product right away!

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

3 Responses to “A Public Domain Playground!”

  • John:

    Hey, Tony.

    I was all set to take last minute advantage of your Public Domain Profit Centers and the Easy Money Picture Project, but I just found out the only payment option is PayPal.

    This is a problem. On two occasions with a year, I had an experience with credit card fraud that entailed having get new credit card numbers issued. The only connection was a fairly recent payment (within a week in each case) made via PayPal and, also in each case, the card involved had not been used for any other purchases for two to three weeks prior to the PayPal payments. Consequently, I decided PayPal was not secure enough for my peace of mind for online purchases.

    Got any other payment options I could use to take advantage of your special offers before it’s too late?


  • Bill:


    I appreciate this isn’t the most appropriate forum to ask this question, but email sent to you bounced back with a ‘mailbox full’ message. So my question is, after ten days of waiting for a reply, how do I get anyone to answer the help ticket logged on your “support” site?

  • Karen Estes:

    Hi Tony – FYI

    I was checking out your sites and found the following:

    Consumer.Gov has been permanently shut down.

    Visit for information and resources on consumer protection issues.

    Visit for information and resources from local, state, and federal government agencies.

    Thank you for using for more than 10 years.

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