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Up Against a Wall

The past few posts on using art for physical products…and specifically for prints…has created quite a stir. Paul even went so far as to say:

“Incredible article Tony. This one post is the basis of a potentially full-time job, all by itself. They should start calling you “Mr. Value.”

I like the sound of that…grin.

The truth is that Paul is right…what I’ve shared, and continue to share, can create a great income for you. That’s why I’m sharing it. There is big money in art (in case you haven’t figured that out yet). And so, to continue the discussion on how to profit from art even further, in today’s post, I am going to share a new resource that I just started using. I’m really excited about this company because their business model is awesome, their products and price points are great, and the truly understand third-party fulfillment!

Wall Hogs offers a unique spin on how to “hang” your art on your walls. While they DO offer poster prints, those are NOT why you need to use this company. They offer a technology much more “sexy” than poster prints. They actually give you the ability to produce your artwork or photos as removable vinyl cutouts that adhere directly to your wall. It’s likely you have seen this before. What is amazing about this company, however, is that their prices are reasonable and they make it simple to be a reseller for their services. I like that!

Recently, I uploaded a piece of art that was based on a Public Domain image and initially created as a t-shirt design. the upload process was straight-forward and easy. A minute or two and a Paypal payment later, my artwork was in-process for a 12″ wide vinyl cutout. And the cost? Just $12.99 plus a buck and change for shipping. Resellers get 25% off of those prices.

As you would imagine, my brain is spinning. The opportunities are huge. Wall Hogs is going to get a LOT of business from me. They should get a bunch from you Public Domain Image fanatics out there as well! To learn MORE about the services Wall Hogs offers and to get your own vinyl cutout made (you HAVE to try this…seriously!), check out their website HERE! I highly recommend them!

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2 Responses to “Up Against a Wall”

  • Jeanette:

    Greetings from Savannah!
    Tony, you never cease to amaze me! When I receive an email from you I can’t read it fast enough because I want to click on the link to see what you’ve got going on. I’ve always enjoyed every post you’ve written and have learned more than I could imagine. Now it’s up to me to use what I’ve learned to make it work. I have loads of good pictures and other things would sell; however my problem is… me. I just don’t know where to begin. Should I choose photos and art or books and other items. At times I feel like I’m headed for a brain overload as I try to decide. Maybe I’ll find the “magic bullet” in one of your posts that will get me fired up and start making some money with my products.
    Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

  • Jeanette, I am in much the same place as you. Tell you what I am doing. Picking the absolutely simplest thing to do. Consider your choices and pick the one that looks like it would be easiest for you to do. Forget about which one will make the most money. Which one are you most likely to start and finish. Once you have taken one step, step number 2 is a lot easier.


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