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The World of Patents Is a Bizarre Place…for Product Development

Here’s a fun post for you…

Ever since beginning research on the product creation potential of patents, I find myself drawn more and more to research the types of things that make me go, hmmm. For your curiosity (and entertainment), here are a few VERY interesting inventions I re-discovered tonight that took me back through some of the fond memories of my life:

 200+MPG Carburetor: 02026798  

My grandfather built a similar carburetor back in 1964, but after trying to patent it, he was later “encouraged” to not build anymore (and Dad won’t tell me how he built it…I asked him again tonight).

Oscillating Wave Device (Developed to Cure Cancer): 1,962,565

One of my early mentors (Mr. Houck) actually built a working model of one of these and saw some success with it before he was accused of being a spy by the US Government and thrown into Federal Prison. Of course he never really stayed in the prison…they had him working in one of their labs for nearly 14 years (seriously).

Anti-Gravity Device: 03626605
Flyer Saucer: 02912244

Now the flying saucer technologies…well, we just don’t talk about that much anymore, but you should have been in Upper Strasburg, PA that one July night back in 1976…holy cow was that spaceship big!

You think I’m kidding…

Sometime I’ll tell you about the experiments my friends and I did with plants…boy were those plants smart!

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To your continued success…


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