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Here Are Millions More…

Over the past several months, I’ve revealed how to find and use for your product creation, millions of Public Domain Books, millions of Public Domain Magazines, millions of Public Domain images, and millions of everything else (audios, videos, and lots more). You’d think that I’ve revealed just about everything there is to be revealed as sources for incredible content for your projects, right?

WRONG! Dude, we’re just getting started! Wait until you check out my latest discovery…the vastness of this content is going to blow you away! It surprised me and I thought I had this all figured out!

Imagine being given exclusive access to the most brilliant, innovative men and women to have ever lived…the very ones responsible for imagining and creating every benefit and technology we enjoy today.  What if they offered you their best, most creative secrets…


You could build upon their ingenuity and innovation to create brand-new products! And what if they told you that you didn’t owe them ANY type of payment or royalty for using their ideas…that you could keep ALL the money for yourself? Would that be a good deal? Would that be an amazing deal? Well, I’m going to tell you how to gain access to those men and women in a brand-new ebook, and it’s through a research method that you’ve probably never considered before…

You can find out what that method is over at Tony’s Yard Sale…that’s where you’ll find the new ebook!

Head over there right now and find out what new treasure field I’ve been playing in. Hey, and while you’re there, make sure you click on Kola to find out what he’s up to (you’ll see him over on the left…watching you). That crazy dog is always into something! See you there!

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

4 Responses to “Here Are Millions More…”

  • Cindy:

    Hi, Tony ~

    I checked into what Kola has been up to and after some research, I have to say that I am surprised to see you involved with this.

    From what I have read, I have to wonder if this is a legitimate deal.

    Since there is no information on Michelle Campbell on Google aside from this one website – under Sponsored Links – and a ‘so-called’ review site for her ‘sixfigureyearly’ website, I got my information as it relates to the ‘sixfigureyearly’ site as a direct result of clicking on a link on her page which claimed that her business is rated #1 on an alleged review site called

    In checking out that site, I thought it would be interesting to join in order to keep up with other business opportunities but not only couldn’t I find the link they referred to about the fee and how to join, they apparently ‘review’ only one site – ‘sixfigureyearly’. That has to tell you something isn’t right, don’t you agree?

    I did a Google search for information on ‘homebusinessfiles’ and came up with which, if you will please give it a read, does not have anything positive to say about the ‘sixfigureyearly’ site.

    No offense intended, Tony, and please correct me if I am wrong about all this but having a respect for you and what you do with Public Domain information has prompted me to bring this to your attention in case you are unaware of the details which I discovered this morning.


  • Frankie:

    Hi,Cindy I believe you are right.I checked out these site and something about them just did not seem to be the real deal.I’m sure others have notice this too.

  • John Bradley:

    I agree with Cindy! I can’t believe you are promoting this J.U.N.K!! Get rid of it and replace it with one of your own products.

    Just my two cents worth…


  • support:

    Hey Guys,

    You’re absolutely right…I didn’t do my homework on this. I really appreciate your feedback on this and encourage you to continue offering your input. I really value it. I removed the offer right away.


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