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Pay Attention to This…

There is a secret research strategy for finding top quality Public Domain books that I’ve been using for a while now. I’ve hinted at it in the past once or twice, but never, until now, have I come right out and told you, “pay attention to this…and do it!” All that changes today, because once again…today…this strategy has proven itself once again.

There are lots of methods you can use to find Public Domain books…online, at used bookstores, flea markets, the library, etc.,┬ábut the one I’m going to share shortly has become my method of choice because it has consistently proven itslef to be the quickest way to identify the best niche-related books in the Public Domain. As with any method, it is not a be-all-end-all strategy…and it requires some work…but it certainly builds off my now-famous saying, “You can’t find what you don’t know to look for!” Today, knowing what to look for is about to get MUCH easier because of what I’m going to share. Here goes.

When I first began researching magazines in the Public Domain several months back, I noticed that most magazines advertised books related to the niche the magazine addressed. The same is true today. Nothing earth-shaking there. But then I also noticed that many of the publishing companies who published magazines ALSO published books related to the magazine topic. Very often, the books published were collections of articles from the magazine or were written by their top article writers or editors. Nothing unusual there. As I was researching the copyright status of many of these niche magazines, I became curious about the books that were advertised as well…and that’s when I noticed a trend…

Pay attention to this…

I noticed that every magazine I checked that had NOT renewed their magazine copyright ALSO had never renewed the copyright for any of the books they published! I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but I have checked books from nearly a dozen different magazines, and if the magazine itself is in the Public Domain, so are the books they published. This is huge because most of the time, the books that were published by these magazine publishers offered the BEST information they had published. They wanted to sell books, so they “put out the good china” for all who purchased the books. This secret discovery has changed my Public Domain research strategy quite a bit because I started buying a number of those books from the magazines, and guess what…the content is awesome! Two just came in the mail yesterday. So far, every book that I’ve found in a Public Domain magazine that was published by the magazine publisher has provided some of the best Public Domain content I’ve found to date (so far I’ve picked up a couple dozen books in nearly a dozen different niches using this method).

Now, if you want to just hop online, go to some website and download Public Domain content that already been scanned, edited and waiting for you…then this strategy isn’t for you. This method requires some work. You have to:

  • Find and purchase the magazines
  • Check the copyright status of the magazines (and magazine articles)
  • Go through the magazine to search for ads that offer books from the publisher
  • Check the copyright status of the books
  • Find and purchase the books
  • Scan and OCR the books

You may not want to go through all that effort for your content…and that’s okay with me. Just know that my content is likely going to be superior to yours, which means better products and better sales. However, if you are serious about finding quality, proven content for your next niche project, I just handed you the keys to the research kingdom!

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