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Public Domain Background Textures

I came across a bunch of background textures that are in the Public Domain so I thought I’d tell you about them so you can have fun with them too! Download them allĀ HERE!



3 Responses to “Public Domain Background Textures”

  • S.T.Sweet:

    Hi Tony!
    Thanks for the info on the public domain textures. I don’t know what you’ll se them for, but I know exactly what to do with them. I’m a quilter and these textures can be printed on white cotton fabric to use in making my art quilts.

  • support:

    Hey Sue,

    Interesting use…how exactly are you printing on white cotton fabric? Through an inkjet? Iron-ons? I’m curious…


  • Joyce:

    I’m not sure exactly how Sue is doing the copying of the textures for her quilt, but I have good friend who has a computer program and special printer and inks. She uses a process called sublimation thru which she can download a picture, scene, etc. She then puts it into her program which then can be sized to fit what she is working on,and and her special printer prints out a perfect replica on special paper. This is then transferred to fabric, tiles, plastic, etc through a heat transfer process. Pressure heating at about 400degrees. Just beautiful, custom work. Your picture on almost whatever you want. She does many animal photos, in fact I have sent her a few dog portraits that are in the public domain from old books. I told here to think about posters too.
    Wondered if your leather guy uses a similar process???

    Take Care!

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