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A New Use for Public Domain Images

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new product creation ideas, and recently I found a use for Public Domain images that, quite honestly wasn’t even sure was possible for the average person. Boy was I wrong! The site I found is certainly one to check out…and it’s one that I plan to do some serious experimenting with.

The site is called Spoonflower ( and it allows you to create your own fabric. Now before you begin thinking that I’m going to tell you all to get into the custom dress-making business (yes, I can actually sew rather well…Mom was a career seamstress), hear me out for a little bit. The idea of using Public Domain images to create your own fabric isn’t cool because of the fancy material you can make to sew your own clothes…oh no… this strategy is cool because of ALL the things you can make with fabric…like furniture and wall coverings, purses and bags, dolls and stuffed animals (using vintage patterns of dolls as the image for your fabric), pillows, camera and cell phone cases…the list goes on and on. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of products you can create from custom fabric apart from clothing! As a matter of fact, I just shared one with my daughter related to her Native American regalia! Below is an example someone created on the site using Public Domain images as a pattern.

So if you find yourself thinking, “Hey…I could do this, and this…,” write those thoughts down and then take action! And if you get any great ideas, share them in the comments below! Let’s see how creative you REALLY are!

8 Responses to “A New Use for Public Domain Images”

  • NancyL:

    I wish my children were still young enough to need Halloween costumes. :-)

    It doesn’t look like they have a good fabric for a tie, so no calculator-and-eyeshades tie for an accountant friend. Maybe a vest. Men seem to have few clothing accessories.

    I have some relatives who sew, and I realize that if I want to give them some fabric as a gift I don’t have to buy and pray… I can email them several pattern images and let them pick which one they like, and I then have it put on fabric.

  • support:

    Hey Nancy…Yeah, there are LOTS of ideas worth exploring in relation to creating your own fabric. I’m STILL getting ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  • Susan Kline:

    Very cool. I can’t wait to share this with my daughter Emily. She inherited the clothing design gene from my Mother and Great-Grandmother. For myself, I could see designing fabric and having someone else make it into something. Thanks for sharing the discovery! It’s a gem.

  • Josh:

    Looks like I could make some cool bandanas!

  • support:

    Actually…yeah…that’s a great idea. Especially if you do craft fairs. They would likely sell well. Did that scene years ago and still hit a lot of the big ones locally…not a lot of innovation though.


  • does ties, along with other products.

  • support:

    Yep…and just added Men’s Sneakers…yay! Planning a new blog post on the latest new products you can make with Public Domain content.

  • Sheila:

    Great ideas, love your blog. I haven’t started using public domain content yet as I have been looking at all the webinars and ideas on your blog. I really like this one but where would you go to get the fabric printed.?

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