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Public Domain Updates

I’m in San Antonio this weekend for Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar5. I’ll be presenting there along with Pat (of course), Dr. Joe Vitale, Donna Fox, Simon Leung, Craig Perrine, Bill Hibbler, Eric Farewell, Erica Douglas and Dr. Scott Lewis. I think there
are a few seats left if you’re not busy this weekend, and at $197, this seminar is a steal (!

=> Have you seen this?

Google just launched a new authority site called Knol ( It’s Google’s whack at Wikipedia, but with a
few new twists. I’ll be writing more on it later, but go check it out…make sure you read the terms of use…there’s some interesting options that could help you in your business!

=> Things coming “down the pike…”

As you may or may not know, the new version of Firefox wreaked havoc on quite a few addon toolbars for Firefox, including my Public Domain Toolbar ( I updated the toolbar to work with Firefox 3.0 and Internet Explorer 8 and life was good. Then, Mozilla released the latest Firefox update (3.01) changing how it addresses toolbars again and is causing problems (again) for some toolbar users (me and Firefox aren’t real close right now…grrrr) I solved the new install problem and should have the update uploaded early next week since I’ll be kind of busy at Pat’s event. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

ALSO…speaking of toolbars…I’ve made an executive decision that will make some of you very happy (who knows…maybe all of you). On August 1st, I am releasing an updated version of the Public Domain Toolbar, LITE Edition, which will now be called the Express Edition, so that it’s compatible with the latest browsers and with updated websites.

The PD Toolbar Express will feature a subset of search options and websites from the full version of the toolbar…and here’s the fun part…it’s going to be F.R.E.E. for anyone to use, to give away to their own lists, to use as a list builder, as a bonus, whatever you want to do with it. Isn’t that cool?! Watch this blog for more details next week.

=> And Lastly…

Limitless Blog Content has been a huge hit…did you claim your copy yet? Out of all the products I’ve created to date (over 50 so far), this is one I am very proud of because it has the greatest potential to open wide the doors to blog (and other) content for you.


Remember the note at the beginning of this blog about Knol? Okay…think authority site plus proven content from magazines…and a link to your blog…this could be huge! Grab your copy of Limitless Blog Content now…producing content for your niche will be SO much easier.

Me and Kola at the Park

I took Kola to the nearby State Park today. Friends of ours was celebrating the first birthday of their little girl. So while everyone else was at the birthday party, Kola and I went and played in the stream…we definitely had more fun than the party people!


Kola for President!

I’ve decided that we need a presidential candidate we can get behind. One who will be tough on the issues and friendly toward the environment. One who will not be afraid to take on the bullies of big business. One who understands what it’s like to be the underdog. I nominate Kola…my dog…for President.

Hey…why not?!


Public Domain Powwow

Over the course of the 4th of July Powwow this past weekend, I had a lot of time to relax, reflect and observe. It always amazes me the lessons you can learn around you when you take the time to pay attention and actually SEE them.

One of the things I was reminded of was how we are surrounded by Public Domain content…it’s everywhere. This past weekend, I saw the Public Domain in nature and in the oral traditions and stories that have passed from generation to generation. I saw it in the patterns incorporated into the Mayan weavings offered by a delightful Guatemalan couple and the symbols that adorned much of the regalia worn by the dancers. The Public Domain was present in the writing on the artwork raffled off and on some of the best-selling t-shirts. It was even present in the old Cherokee recipe for some wild grape dumplings I had Sunday afternoon. Opportunities with Public Domain content are indeed endless, which is why I will point people in that direction.

Here are a few pics from our Powwow weekend.

Spyder & Tekakwitha Webb with Deborah & Tony Laidig

My daughter, Ashlea, dancing Fancy Shawl

My wife, Deborah, in her new regalia. It took her months to make all the pieces and complete the beadwork.

Kola fell in love this weekend!

Our close friends (and Cherokee Elders), Spyder and Tekakwitha Webb

Ashlea and her boyfriend, David

One of our Mayan friends weaving

Ashlea and friends being “stoic” indians…

George, my leather guy, in action. He got a lot of my money too! Think “printing Public Domain images on leather”!

Kola (here with my wife, Deborah) was VERY popular at the powwow!

Little Beaver, a Mohawk Elder, gifts Sky (from our group) with a prayer feather. Sky just left active duty as a Marine and served in Iraq.

The Webbs leading some of the dancers into the circle.

Vendors, vendors everywhere!

If You’re in the Area…

I’m getting ready to head out to the Kateri Tekakwitha 4th of July powwow in Fonda, NY with my family. This will be our 7th year of going there and it’s looking to be a lot of fun! Good friends, good dancing, and a whole lot of tenting! And George, my leather guy, will be there! You might remember me talking about what he does with Public Domain images
and leather…brilliant!

Anyway, if you live close, you should stop by and look us up! I’d love to meet you in person. I might dance some, but I’ll also have my “Portable Empire” (as Pat O’Bryan calls it) with me. The priests at the Shrine where the powwow is held have high-speed wireless so I’m good to go!

Keep an eye on my blog for updates from the powwow. I’ll share pictures, brainstorms and more. Tony

BTW…Want to find some great content that you can use commercially? Go here:

Be sure to check, “Search for works I can use for commercial purposes.” You’re going to have a whole bunch of fun on this one…grin!

Public Domain Survey Results

I would like to thank each one who participated in the “I Want to Learn More About” survey. The results were very interesting in some cases and gratifying in others. There were a few surprises, especially in method of delivery, but overall, I’m thrilled (and even more focused) with the results. Below I have listed the top five preferred topics and the top four preferred methods of delivery…just so you have an idea of how things stacked up.

Preferred Topics

  • eBook Products Creation using Public Domain content 
  • Detailed Step-by-Step finding and using Magazine content 
  • Niche Market Research and how to do it
  • Setting up Blogs using Public Domain content
  • Detailed Step-by-Step of the entire Website/Product creation process

Preferred Method of Delivery

  • Ebooks (won by a lot)
  • Downloadable MP3 Audios (#2-#4 were all very close)
  • Downloadable MP4 Videos
  • Multi-Part Autoresponder Series (this was a bit of a surprise)

Because the new projects I’ve been working on fit perfectly within the top five results chosen (whew), I will continue moving forward with delivering the exact things you’re looking for. Thanks again for your feedback…it was invaluable!


A Little of This Can Mean a LOT of That…

I wanted to remind you that my new teleseminar series, The Creativity Code begins tomorrow night. Creativity is SO vital to your business and personal success, but more than that, it’s knowing what to DO with that creativity that’s your key to success. Remember…

Creative Innovation + Inspired Action = Abundant Success

Let me ask you…have you ever come up with a terrific idea but never followed through on it, only to discover at a later time that someone else created the SAME product or idea as you had except they’re making the money from it? That feeling sucks, doesn’t it?! I’ve had that happen several times. Perhaps you have to. You see a new product or idea and you
turn to whomever and say, “Hey, I thought of that before…I knew it would be a hit!” There’s just one problem…it’s not YOU making the money. It’s the other guy. So much for your brilliant idea. It’s making HIM rich, while you still struggle!

In The Creativity Code, I am going to share, not only over 30 different ways to tap into that powerful force of creativity within you, but I’m also going to share how to take action in ways that guarantee you’ll never have to feel that burn of being “ripped-off” again. The key is to take inspired action…and I’m going to share what it is and how to act now.

Speaking of inspired action…it’s time that you take inspired action right now by signing up for The Creativity Code teleseminar series. Take charge of your business again and end the cycle of disappoint and hesitation. Of course, you could still continue to watch other people make money from YOUR ideas while you struggle. It’s up to you.

You can choose to try to figure this all out yourself, or you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by learning from someone who’s been there and can guide you through The Creativity Code process. Personally, I believe you’re one of the smart ones, so I look forward to having you join me Tuesday and Wednesday evening. And if you have committments…no worries…I’m recording everthing and having it transcribed. So you won’t miss a thing!

BTW…A bunch of you stopped by my Memorial Day party for a visit…it was good to see you there! There is still time to
head on over to check out all the physical products I have on sale there…some have never been offered before…like the printed version of “Easy Money Picture Project” or the Ultimate Edition of the Public Domain Survival Kit. This special offer only lasts a few more days…so stop on over!


Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar #2 News and a New FREE E-book!

Mike and I have finialized all the details for the next Public Domain teleseminar, it it’s going to be even better than the first one. To give you an idea of how much in-depth information I plan to share, I’m going to give you the list of questions I plan to answer. There are just seven questions…but I call them the **Magnificent Seven** because of the amount of valuable content is going to be shared in the answers.

Before we get to the questions and the teleseminar info, I want to tell you about a new e-book I just finished called, Public Domain Power Grid. I’ve pulled together some of my best writings on the Public Domain along with some new insights and tips to form a cohesive powerhouse of Public Domain information packed into a 141 page “plug-and-play” no-cost e-book.

It’s available beginning today through an amazing Easter Giveaway site where, along with Public Domain Power Grid, you’ll have complete F.R.E.E. access  to hundreds of ebooks,guides, software, PLR content, graphics, videos and a LOT more of quality content. Even I was impressed by some of the offerings (and I can be pretty jaded when it comes to giveaways). So grab your copy of Public Domain Power Grid, along with the hundreds of other freebies beginning today:


Okay…the teleseminar details:

Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar #2

Monday, March 24th
Phone-Number to Dial:  218-486-3695
Use Conference ID:  8873442#
Listen online LIVE at:

(The call details are also listed on the “Let’s Ask Tony” website,

Here are the Magnificent Seven Questions:

1. Hello Tony, Could you please describe the process of using Public Domain works for info products from identification all the way through to website submission?

(Yes…I’m going to go step-by-step through the entire process live!)

2. How do you get traffic to a site promoting a new product without paying for Google Adwords, which may not be affordable for your keywords?

3. I’m not nearly as creative as you, Tony. I still have trouble imagining what to do with PD. Much of it seems very outdated. Could you please provide more example ideas of what to do with Public Domain works?

4. There’s lots of public domain material available on the internet, but is it better to use offline material if possible – since there may be fewer other people using it?

5. Tony, how do you lay out your eBooks and what software you use for your website?

6. I have found numerous sources for public domain information, but I am not sure how to package the information and offer it as a viable sales package. Thanks for all the information you have provided.

7. I’ve got my domain name picked out and being on a limited budget right now, I’m confused about the host I should choose and what options I need to sell my product. How do I proceed?

There you have it…you will NOT want to miss this teleseminar!!!

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

PS – Make sure you visit the Easter Giveaway today to pick up some truly amazing gifts, PLUS your copy of my “Public Domain Power Grid”!


Public Domain Blog Online Again!

I’ve finally been able to get the Public Domain Blog functional again. I lost all the original posts included with the previous version of this blog when the server was hacked, so I will slowly be re-introducing some of those relevant posts as time permits.