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Seven FREE Technologies from the Public Domain

It seems that we ALL are looking for the “magic pill” that will FINALLY provide the success we seek in our businesses and in life. As I have been exploring the Public Domain, I have come across seven “technologies” that truly offer access to the answers we seek for amazing success in ALL areas of our lives. These technologies are FREE and LIMITLESS in supply…ready and waiting for you to activate them in your own business and life. But I’ll warn you…they’re not what you think.

I have written a brand-new report that reveals these technologies and spins them from a perspective that might be different from the ways you have considered them in the past. They will also challenge you to “see” the Public Domain from an entirely different perspective…one that is much more expansive than you realize right now. These technologies are some of the most powerful, transformational tools you could ever activate in your business, and I encourage you to do so, beginning right now!

Transform Cover

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Public Domain Traffic Secrets

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What Would YOU Do?

It is a well-known fact that everything we do is determined by one of two actions: To avoid pain or to gain pleasure. And in most cases, avoiding pain is the more dominant of the two. Just now, as you read that statement, it’s likely that examples came to mind. What were they and why are they important? Recognizing this powerful motivator at work in your life is the first step toward transforming inaction and “failure” into action-taking success.

At one time or another, we’ve all faced the dreaded “disease” procrastination. It haunts us all…some more than others. I’ve found that, for me personally, in every case, I procrastinate to avoid pain in some form. My “reason” might be as simple as just not wanting to do something (like washing my clothes) or more deep-seated like fearing failure or rejection. I have even procrastinated on billing clients for work I’ve completed. The reason for that one had me scratching my head for a while because, after all, we’re talking about money I earned…a pleasure! But what I realized was that I didn’t bill clients to avoid the pain of the paperwork. Crazy I know…lol.

One exercise I’ve used to help push me beyond the controlling factor of “avoiding pain” is to ask myself how someone I admire would respond. The idea came to me when I was first getting started as a shy newspaper photographer. To psych myself up to do a photoshoot and overcome the “pain” of having to talk to people, I would ask myself the following question: “If I were shooting this event for National Geographic, what would I do next or do differently?” I found that considering the answer to that question put me in a different space. I carried myself differently.

I clearly remember one of the first photo assignments where I did this, I walked into the hotel where I had to photograph several Army generals. I had butterflies in my stomach, my knees were knocking and I was saying to myself over and over, “you can do this!” Then someone saw my Press Pass and said, “Oh, the photographer is here!”When I heard that, something happened inside me…a validation to place that transformed me into what they expected. The assignment went off without a hitch. I ordered those Generals around for poses like I was their commanding officer (in a respectful way of course). Afterwards, once I got back to my car, I sat there and laughed…stunned at what I had done and become. I learned an important lesson that night.

I’ve since adapted that approach and use it in all types of situations and scenarios…

“If I was Jim Edwards, how would I handle this webinar differently?”

“If I was Donald Trump, how would I approach this deal differently?”

“If I was Joyce (my business coach), how would I organize my marketing efforts differently?”

“If I was Brian Tracy, how would I present my business opportunity to the guy in the blue tie differently?”

I think you get the point. The process is very effective and has pushed me beyond hesitancy and procrastination time and again. I guess you could say that it’s a spin on WWJD (What Would Jesus Do), although I practiced this long before that phrase became popular. So let me ask you…what are you trying to avoid that’s keep you from taking the actions you need to succeed in your business? And what can you do different (from someone else’s perspective) that will gain you the results (the pleasure) you deserve?

I’d like to share with you a touching testimonial that I received the other day from one of my subscribers. He was inspired to share his story with me after the e-mail I sent about the power of gratitude. His story demonstrates the power of moving beyond pain to achieve success!

“Seven years ago, at age 44, I lost the lot, home, business, superannuation (retirement fund) and hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash.  We were broke and in debt.  Without going in to a very long drawn out story I had two choices, walk away from family and friends because I just couldn’t do it again or realize what I had and stand there and fight, I did the latter.

About 2 years ago I bought your book and although I could see the potential I did what I’m sure many people do, nothing!  After running the same business since our financial demise and only doing it for the money I decided to do something with public domain.  I also realized that I was never going to get my retirement fund back so I had to do something to keep the funds rolling in until the day I die basically. In May this year I started selling book collections on ebay and although it doesn’t make a fortune it does make $30,000 – $40,000 a year already!  I love the ebay business and selling physical product so I have now started on a plan to get 10 different income streams over the next couple of years.  I’m up to my third thus far and the income is growing.

Who do I mainly owe this to? You!  If I hadn’t bought your books (I bought your latest one a few weeks back) and started selling the CD’s I doubt I would have ever have gotten off my backside and done anything about ebay.  So Tony, take a bow!  I very much doubt you realize just how much you have helped some people. Kindest regards, Nigel”

You can still benefit from my Gratitude Discount on my best-selling products and begin your own journey (just like Nigel did) to achieve success. Click the link below to get started:

SyFy “Gets” the Public Domain…


I love it when people say that the Public Domain is just a bunch of old books that no one cares about. Oh reeeeally?! Well, apparently SyFy missed that memo because they totally “get” the idea of the Public Domain. Building on the hit series they produced based on the Wizard of Oz-Tin Man-SyFy now has yet another classic book from the Public Domain squarely in its crosshairs…Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice, a new mini-series that begins in December, is a modern interpretation of the 1866 classic and promises to mix things up a bit down deep in that rabbit hole. SyFy’s new spin on our favorite characters-Alice, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts and others-perfectly encapsulates my position on the power of the Public Domain: Proven Content + Creative Innovation = Successful Products.

SyFy isn’t alone in capitalizing on the Public Domain. Disney is set to release a new version of “A Christmas Carol (first released in 1843 by Charles Dickens), and we will also get to see Sherlock Holmes return to the screen in December in an interesting film adaptation. Because Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character from the Public Domain (he was first introduced in 1887 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), anyone can create new novels, comic books, video games, movies, etc. based on the world’s most well-known detective.

Now before you start with the “yeah buts,” I know I’m talking about Hollywood and they have LOTS of money. But here’s the thing…it’s the innovation behind these new releases that I’m interested in. The new stories began in someone’s mind…in their dreams…and they wrote it down. THAT didn’t cost a cent. Heck, I’ve been writing some stories that take place in the Wizard of Oz universe as well…and quite honestly, it’s been fun. The point I want to get across to you is this…and pay attention to this: The Public Domain is a wonderful and amazing playground that offers an endless supply of “stuff” to play and build with. You are ONLY limited by your imagination! Let me repeat my formula for you again: Proven Content + Creative Innovation = Successful Products.

Kola Is Gone…

I’m deeply saddened to share that my husky, Kola, had to be put down last night due to an aggressive form of cancer. What made this extremely hard was that my girls and I hadn’t seen him in a week because my ex-wife had taken him to live with her at her new house 4 hours away…so we weren’t able to say goodbye. My ex-wife and her boyfriend were with him when he was put to sleep. After he was gone, they smudged his body with sage and tobacco as an honor to him and wrapped him in a blanket. I’m glad they were able to do that in my absence.

Kola came to be pretty well known, at least with my subscribers, through my Yard Sale site at Of course, he will continue to be a part of that site as a memorial to him. We had some great times together…I always joked that he was the son I never had. Kola was actually a wolf/husky hybrid, something many people didn’t know…and as such, was incredibly intelligent, and big (95lbs.). So today, I honor my friend…to say thank you and goodbye! You will be deeply missed!

If you would like to see more pictures of my amazing dog, you can do so here:

Public Domain Twitter Buzz…



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Space Travel from the Public Domain

UFO’s…don’t know what you think about them. I’m a huge fan! But then, I saw a lot of crazy stuff as a kid. Always thought it would be cool to build one…now I CAN, thanks to the Public Domain and the U.S. Patent Office. Cool!



Public Domain Magazines Online

Over the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about magazines in the Public Domain, and for good reason…they offer a lot of terrific content for you to use for product and blog creation. While a lot of my focus has been on finding magazines offline (using online sources like eBay, Abebooks, etc.), there are also a few online sources you should know about. But I’ll warn you…you may lose significant amounts of time doing research because there is a  ton of information on these sites…grin.

Below are five of the best sources for finding periodicals (serials, journals, magazines & newspapers) online. A quick note here…not everything presented on these pages is in the Public Domain, so be sure you read the copyright and license agreements on each page:

Google Books

Resources for Research: Periodicals

News and Periodical Resources on the Web

Online Books Page: Serials

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

And BTW…if you haven’t claimed your copy of “Public Domain Magazine Secrets” yet, you’re missing out on a HUGE, off-the-radar amount of content just waiting for you. With what I share in this breakthrough package will redefine how you create products, build blogs and produce niche content. You’ll also save a TON of time and money for finding fresh content for your niche products and blogs…and the best part is that almost no one is using this PROVEN content…YET. Be one of the first to take advantage of it. I’ll show you how!

 Tony Laidig

Using Public Domain Works to Preserve Language

This morning, I read an excellent article that reveals yet another powerful role the Public Domain can play in the world around us–the preservation of language. The article shares how Demetrio Túpac Yupanqui has taken the 1605 classic, “Don Quixote” and has translated the majority of it into Quechua, the language of the Incas in an effort to keep the language alive. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“SOMEWHERE in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a gentleman lived not long ago.”

Simple enough, right? But not for Demetrio Túpac Yupanqui.

Instead, he regales visitors to his home here in this gritty port city on Lima’s edge with his Quechua version of the opening words of “Don Quixote”: “Huh k’iti, la Mancha llahta suyupin, mana yuyarina markapin, yaqa kay watakuna kama, huh axllasqa wiraqucha.”

Mr. Túpac Yupanqui, theologian, professor, adviser to presidents and, now, at the sunset of his long life, a groundbreaking translator of Cervantes, greets the perplexed reactions to these words with a wide smile.

“When people communicate in Quechua, they glow,” said Mr. Túpac Yupanqui, who at 85 still appears before his pupils each day in a tailored dark suit. “It is a language that persists five centuries after the conquistadors arrived. We cannot let it die.”

Once the lingua franca of the Inca empire, Quechua has long been in decline. But thanks to Mr. Túpac Yupanqui and others, Quechua, which remains the most widely spoken indigenous language in the Americas, is winning some new respect.

Mr. Túpac Yupanqui’s elegant translation of a major portion of “Don Quixote” has been celebrated as a pioneering development for Quechua, which in many far-flung areas remains an oral language. While the Incas spoke Quechua, they had no written alphabet, leaving perplexed archaeologists to wonder how they managed to assemble and run an empire without writing.

SINCE the Spanish conquest, important writing in Quechua has emerged, but linguists and Quechua speakers hope that the new version of “Don Quixote” will be a step toward forming a public culture in the language, through Quechua magazines, television and books, that will keep its speakers engaged with the wider world.

(“Armed With a Pen, and Ready to Save the Incas’ Mother Tongue” by Simon Romero, New York Times,, accessed June 11, 2008)

How Can I Serve You in the Coming Weeks?

One of the worst mistakes any marketer can make is to create a product because you think it’s a great idea and then try to jam it down people’s throats. Sure, you may make a few sales, but you’ll never achieve the kind of success you truly desire with that approach. There are a number of effective ways to identify the best direction to take for product creation in your niche, and one of the most effective methods is to use polls or surveys.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this method, and to learn exactly what you would like me to focus on in the coming weeks with regard to the Public Domain, I’ve put together a very special survey just for you. It will take about 30-seconds (or less) to complete, and I’ll let you know the results shortly.

You can let your voice be heard HERE:



It’s very important to me that I know exactly what you need to be successful with Public Domain content, so I **REALLY** appreciate you taking a few moments from your day (or evening) to help me serve you more effectively!

Thank you!