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10 Proven Writing Models

Tonight on the Expert Media Show, my weekly, no-cost webinar series, I will be sharing “10 Proven Writing Models” you can use to write your first (or next) book (YES…one of them is Public Domain content…grin). You can EVEN use them to create nearly ANY type of Information Product as well. This is going to be a fun episode you will not want to miss!

You can register for the weekly series (if you haven’t already) HERE:

PD-TV Bonus: Creating Audio Products Anywhere

Hey there…I wasn’t planning to release another video so soon. But, while I was at lunch with my Mom today, I was thinking about how easy it really can be to create audio products…even at lunch with your Mom…grin. So I handed Mom the video camera and recorded this short video to demonstrate the process. BTW, below is also the audio I recorded on the video.

Here is the audio I recorded on the video…

To discover how YOU can Create Audio Products and take advantage of an exploding product creation opportunity, click the link below and learn the secrets, step-by-step!

Create Audio Products

PDX-TV Episode 3: Make Money from Parts Manuals?

In this latest episode, I share a new insight for using catalogs and parts manuals from the Public Domain. I’m also freezing my butt off!


PDX-TV Episode 2: Videos from Public Domain Content

In this episode, I share a cool strategy for using niche content from Public Domain magazines to create live action videos.


PDX-TV Episode 1: New Video Series

Here is the first video of a new series I’ll be producing in 2010 on using Public Domain content to build your online (and offline) business. Hope you enjoy it! It also features my sexy new PDX opening!