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Finding Old Magazines Off the Beaten Path

If you plan to use content from Public Domain magazines for your niche projects, you’ll need to find actual physical issues of the magazines related to your niche. Because of some of my own projects in-process, I’ve been extremely motivated to find the best sources for old magazines without having to pay “collector” prices for them. Would you like to know where I’m buying MY magazines from? Thought you might. Below are a few websites I’ve been using or plan to use for finding those Public Domain magazine gems. – I almost always start here, and make sure you don’t overlook the eBay Stores. Most of my purchases actually come from the Stores and NOT the regular auctions (hint). – My second stop. I’ve found some great buys here, especially magazines in bulk. If you can find the offers, bulk is the way to go. You can get your per-issue costs down to pennies. – This is a fairly new site (to me) that offers a lot of magazines, and their prices aren’t bad either, depending on what you’re looking for. I plan to investigate further because they offer a huge selection. – The website offers a collection of 91 magazine dealers, some with websites, some not. Definitely worth checking out.

For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to verify magazine copyrights, go here: Public Domain Magazine Secrets.

Blogging on Crack

Blogging is a “must-do” part of your online business, and if you haven’t started your own blog(s) yet, you’re REALLY missing the boat. Google loves blogs and so does your customers. They provide the perfect opportunity to:

  • Get indexed quickly by Google
  • Manage and update your websites quickly
  • Interact with your customers and subscribers
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • And a lot more…

One of the challenges that many people face is what to write for their blog. They’re intimidated by the notion of needing to produce fresh content on an ongoing, daily basis. Perhaps you’re struggling with this issue. I know I did at first, but then I discovered a solution to finding content for my niche blogs that has changed all that. That solution is magazines in the Public Domain!

Magazines are the perfect solution for blog content for several significant reasons:

There is a nearly limitless supply of the content. Just like books, any pre-1964 magazine whose copyright was not renewed in the 28th year is now in the Public Domain. That amounts to millions of magazine issues that are now available for you to use for content however you see fit!

It’s proven content. Magazine articles from Public Domain magazines have already been published. That means that they have already been through the edit process, the proofing process and the publishing process. They’ve proven their value, which makes them a much better source for content than some obscure ghostwriter or PLR content.

It’s free. Because the magazines are in the Public Domain, you can do whatever you want with it. The only cost you’ll ever have is the cost for purchasing the actual magazines, which you can usually find for next to nothing.

It comes in bite-sized chunks. Unlike books, magazine articles are the perfect size for blog posts, ranging from a few, short paragraphs to just a few pages. That means the content is focused and concise…perfect qualities for blog posts.

It’s fresh content. Even though the magazine content is 45+ years old, it’s still fresh because almost no one in our generation has seen or read it. Plus, unlike the Public Domain book initiatives, there are no major initiatives in place to scan and upload huge amounts of magazine and periodical content. That means that, as a resource, it’s virtually untapped, because most people are lazy…if they can’t find the content quickly online, they will not even consider using it.

For additional information on how to find and use Public Domain magazines, how to verify copyrights, the best places to pick-up magazines for nearly any niche inexpensively and more, make sure you check out =>Public Domain Magazine Secrets (