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Need Music? The Public Domain Can Help!

If you are creating any types of audio or video-based products, chances are like that, sooner or later, you will need music for background, intros, outros and more. There are a number of excellent royalty-free options, like But what about the Public Domain? Are there any resources for great-sounding audio in the Public Domain? YES…there are!

When it comes to finding music in the Public Domain, the research is a bit trickier than, say, books or magazines. The primary reason for this is that the copyright protection afforded to music is governed by State laws, not Federal ones. Because of that, nearly ALL recorded music is off limits…even music recorded before 1923! The good news is that there are exceptions…and the exceptions are what I’m going to share here.

There are primarily two sites you will want to explore for finding recorded music in the Public Domain. Both sites chose to place their music in the Public Domain which makes them exceptions…it’s their right to do that.

The first site worth visiting is MusOpen. Their available music is almost exclusively orchestral. I really like the approach this site takes for the music. They find musical scores that are in the Public Domain and then approach high school, college and other orchestras to perform the pieces. Once recorded, the music is then donated back into the Public Domain and made available on their website. They offer some great choices.

The second site I want to share with you today is one that is new to me. It’s called FreePD, and similar to MusOpen, the music on this site was also donated to the Public Domain…but for a different reason. The contemporary music you’ll find on this site was part of a collection of music generated by a working musician who wanted to give back some of the huge amounts of music he creates on a regular basis. The result is this website. I’ve listened to a number of tracks here and the music is quite good. You will find contemporary, rock and other genres on the site. It’s not a huge collection, but definitely worth checking out!

I hope you find these two sites helpful to your product creation efforts. If you know of any other sources for recorded music in the Public Domain, feel free to share them with all of us in the comments below! Thanks!

Easy Audio Products Using Public Domain Content

My good friend, Wendi Friesen (an amazing…and funny…hypnotherapist and teacher), contacted me yesterday through Facebook with a simple question…

Tony, if a book is in the public domain, I can read it record it without a problem, right? What else do I need to know if I want to sell an audio version?

Perhaps you have had the same question. If not, you SHOULD be asking it, or at least creating audio products of some type. The reason is that audio products are the ONLY product type that your customer can take with them anywhere! They can’t read ebooks while driving and they catch watch those training videos of yours while walking the dog. Audio, however, can be taken and listened to anywhere, and on a myriad of devices, from smart phones to MP3 players, iPods, CD players and much more! The other important piece of info I shared with Wendi was that, because you are creating a derivative product from an existing Public Domain work, it qualifies for copyright protection because recording the audio requires “minimal creativity,” a requisite according to copyright law. How cool is that?!

What I shared with Wendi, and now with you, is that the process of creating an audiobook from Public Domain content is truly THAT simple, with no other “catches” or things to worry about. Of course, you need a way to sell your audio product, but the creation process is pretty straight-forward. Pick the Public Domain book, magazine or content of your choice, read it into your computer using a USB mic (like the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB mic), record it using audio software (like Audacity, which is free), and save it as an MP3. That’s it…pretty straight forward.

Of course, you can also add intro music and other bells and whistle, break them up into podcasts, sell them through iTunes, etc., but the basics of creating audio products using Public Domain content are pretty simple!

My course, Create Audio Products, goes into great detail, step-by-step, on how to creating different types of audio content, where to FIND audio content already in the Public Domain and a LOT more. It’s time to create your OWN audio products!

Tony, if a book is in the public domain, I can read it record it without a problem, right? What else do I need to know if I want to sell an audio version?

Audio Is Dead? Hmmm…

I had a fun e-mail discussion over the weekend with one of my subscribers who promptly informed me that audio is dead. Guess I missed that memo…apparently, so did iTunes, Rhapsody, Audible, TuneCore and a ton of other highly successful audio websites. Actually, I guess AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile missed it too, since pretty much ALL our cell phones count on AUDIO. Then there are all the millions of MP3 players out there…oh…and all the radio and satellite radio stations. And let’s not forget my favorite,…as well as, and…guess they missed it too.

The truth is that audio is here to stay…it isn’t going anywhere, which is why YOU need to be creating it. Now, in all fairness, this guy is a TV guy…has stations and everything. I guess I’m wondering though what his viewership would be like if he didn’t include the audio component of his broadcasts…grin. I’m guessing it would be less.

Don’t get me wrong…in a lot of respects, video IS important…heck…Lord knows I’m using a lot of it (have you SEEN my blog lately?). But you STILL need to understand audio to make video effective. For example, what if you want to add background music to your video file? What if you need to include a voice-over in that new how-to video? You kinda need to understand audio. And THAT’S why you need to understand how to Create Audio Products! THAT’S also why I shared my knowledge about the subject!

The great news is that you can STILL grab your copy of Create Audio Products at the introductory price…but ONLY for 12 more hours. The price increases to the regular price at Midnight EST, January 25th. Better hurry!

BTW – For the record…I’m GLAD this subscriber contacted me…I appreciate his feedback and insights…yours too! My greatest hope is to see you create successful audio and video projects and products…and audio is key to both. Time to get started with it!

Create Audio Products

Improve Your Audios Using Idea Formulas

Creating your first audio product can be intimidating…even without the technology issues. Maybe you’re not sure how to start, or what to say, or if what you have to say even matters. One of the BEST sources I’ve seen to help you decide what to talk about or where to begin is by studying magazine and tabloid headlines to look for idea formulas. Here is what I mean:

The January 2010 issue of “In Style” magazine has a headline, “145 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Look.”

Now to create an idea formula from this headline, simply remove, the defining elements to end up with:

“____ (number) No-Cost Ways to Improve Your _______.”

Let’s say that you want to create an audio product or podcast for your gardening niche. Using the idea formula we just created, you could come up with something like:

“7 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Tomato Yields”

“10 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Soil Quality”

Or a further variation without the word “Your”…

“5 No-Cost Ways to Improve Insect Control”

Let’s look at another niche…model railroading:

“7 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Scenery-Building Skills”

Now this is just ONE idea formula from one magazine issue! There are hundreds of other ideas out there waiting for you. You can easily string together a series of new idea formulas inserting your niche topic to create ideas for dozens of audio podcasts and audio products. Use your imagination! Oh, and if you don’t feel like taking a trip to the bookstore or grocery store, buzz over to to access all the latest covers.

Try this one:

“7 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Audios Using Idea Formulas”

Now, this “idea formula” strategy will work for more than just audio creation. It also serves as a great method for creating blog post and article titles as well as ideas for video. Have a Blog Talk Radio show? This strategy is perfect for developing show ideas to grow your audience.

Create Audio Products shows you how to easily make the jump into creating your OWN successful audios. In it, I share my own proven strategies and methods for creating audio products. I also reveal stealth methods for using proven content from the Public Domain to create a limitless supply of niche-specific audios that you’ll be proud to call your own! Grab your own copy of Create Audio Products today (if you haven’t already) because the price is going to be increased on Monday, January 25th.


Create Audio Products

Create Audio Products

The hottest sermon being preached so eloquently these days by the the “Ministers of Marketing” is VIDEO, VIDEO, VIDEO. And I’ll be honest with you…I’ve been saying (and creating) VIDEO as well. It made perfect sense until I realized I was making a HUGE mistake with regard to AUDIO products!

While it’s true that video is extremely powerful and should definitely be a part of your marketing and business-building strategies, video will NEVER have the flexibility that audio has.

All the signs were right there staring me in the face. One marketing buddy has been quietly making a killing with audio products. Another buddy has been wowing the corporate world with his wisdom on the power of podcasts.

As I’ve said before, you will NEVER be able to watch videos WHILE you drive. You will NEVER be able to read the latest e-book WHILE taking your early-morning run. Video will NEVER replace audio…compliment, yes, replace, never. One only has to consider the phenomenal growth of iTunes, Rhapsody and other on-demand sites to realize that audio is HUGE…and it’s here to stay! Let’s look at this a slightly different way by posing a question…

“How many people do you know (including children) who do NOT have some sort of portable device (MP3 player or cell phone) to listen to audio?”

Exactly! Now allow me to ask you another question…

“WHY would you IGNORE such a MASSIVE market with your business? It’s crazy when you think about it that way, isn’t it?”

Well all this “audio stuff” FINALLY got my attention enough to compel me to dig into the Public Domain to see if there was content worth using there. I mean, after all, if Public Domain really IS the big deal I keep saying it is, then you would THINK that there might be something worth using for product creation in the Public Domain.

So after a LOT of digging and testing AUDIO stuff over the last several months, I only have three words to share with you about what I discovered…


Boy was I ever missing the boat (and you are too). Well…to stay true to form with the high-quality content I’ve shared in the past about Public Domain books, magazines, images and patents, I’ve brain-dumped my business-changing discoveries, and you can find out for yourself just what I uncovered. And also let me say this…if you aren’t creating audio products YET, that’s about to change.

The truth is that it is SUPER easy to get stuck in the SAME ways of doing things and expecting different results. That axiom has been a guiding factor in my life and often challenges me to question (in a good way) my efforts. I’m NOT talking about doing something different for different sake…not at all. But if you’re doing the same things and not getting results then it’s time to make a shift!

Create Audio Products” is the result of a genuine “whack myself in the head” (in true Homer Simpson form) realization that I NEEDED to do something different because creating audio products made MASSIVE sense. and I was overlooking it. Audio has the greatest reach of ANY medium because you can take it (and enjoy it) ANYWHERE!

So if you are currently NOT creating audio products, it’s time to break the cycle of insanity and join the rest of us. The process is a simple one and is what I share when I teach YOU to Create Audio Products!