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The New Public Domain Mark

Creative Commons announced the release of its Public Domain Mark, a tool that enables works free of known copyright restrictions to be labeled in a way that allows them to be easily discovered over the Internet. The Public Domain Mark, to be used for marking works already free of copyright, complements Creative Commons’ CC0 public domain dedication, which enables authors to relinquish their rights prior to the expiration of copyright.

This is great news for those of us who use Public Domain-based content for product creation. The new Public Domain Mark will give us the ability to target keyword searches to find Public Domain content easier and faster than ever before! To learn more about the Creative Commons’ Public Domain Tools, click HERE!

Europeana—Europe’s digital library, museum and archive—is the first major adopter of the Public Domain Mark. Europeana estimates that by mid-2011, the Public Domain Mark will be used in connection with millions of out-of-copyright works made available through its portal. With the adoption of this new standard at the highest levels of content preservation, it is likely that most other major content holders will adopt the standard as well. Which is GREAT news for us!

Today, Creative Commons announces the release of its Public Domain Mark, a tool that enables works free of known copyright restrictions to be labeled in a way that allows them to be easily discovered over the Internet. The Public Domain Mark, to be used for marking works already free of copyright, complements Creative Commons’ CC0 public domain dedication, which enables authors to relinquish their rights prior to the expiration of copyright.

“The Public Domain Mark is a further step on the path towards making the promise of a digital public domain a reality,” said Michael Carroll, a founding board member of Creative Commons and a law professor at American University.

Europeana—Europe’s digital library, museum and archive—is the first major adopter of the Public Domain Mark. Europeana estimates that by mid-2011, the Public Domain Mark will be used in connection with millions of out-of-copyright works made available through its portal.

“An important part of our mandate is to ensure that digitized works made available through Europeana are properly labeled with rights information, including when a work is free of known copyright restrictions so that teachers, students and others can freely use it in their work, changing it and remixing it as they wish,” noted Jill Cousins, Executive Director of Europeana.

The Public Domain Mark in its current form is intended for use with works that are free of known copyright around the world, primarily old works that are beyond the reach of copyright in all jurisdictions. We have already started mapping the next phases of our public domain work, which will look at ways to identify and mark works that are in the public domain in a limited number of countries.

ALL My Products Are on Sale This Weekend!

I’ll keep this brief…I know the weekend is here!

For the next three days (October 8 – 10, 2010), I’m putting my money where my mouth is by discounting EVERY product I have in a pretty significant way. Why? Simple. I am committed to your success and want to make it as easy as possible to get moving forward in starting your online business, or, if you’re already selling online, to help you shift to the next level!

I also value you as a member of my list or reader of my blog. There is a LOT of BS out there in the Internet Marketing space, and I want to provide as MUCH real value as possible, and for the next three days, for less!

So here are the details…

For the next 3 days, the following products will “ring up” with a $20 discount off their regular price:

Copywriting Basics that Work: (

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ALSO, for the next 3 days, the following products will “ring up” with a $30 discount off their regular price:

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This offer will NOT extend past Monday, October 11th and will not be repeated again. So NOW is the time to take advantage of these prices and invest in quality products that will help you build your online business!


A Personal Public Domain Challenge

I have been somewhat underground for the past few months…especially when it comes to the topic of the Public Domain. Well, that’s all about to change. Beginning October 1st, I’ve committed to a personal challenge of blogging about the Public Domain or related topics every day through the end of 2010…a good 90 days. The seed for this was planted by my friend, Dave Lakhani, but also encouraged by others as well.

So get ready for some great content of ALL types. The posts may be written, audio, video or all the above…and no, I don’t have the full 90 days planned out yet…grin. So…in the excitement of getting things started until the official kickoff day on Friday, here is a sweet site I’ve been using to find some stunning Public Domain content:

GPO Access: This is the ultimate search tool for finding federal publications. The results include descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides direct links to those that are available online. We’re talking 100’s of thousands of publications here on just about ANY topic know to man!

You can check it out for yourself HERE!

Your “Inner” Business FREE Webinar

I’ve been receiving a LOT of e-mails from people who are struggling with making money online…even after years of trying.

Perhaps that describes you.

I’ve found that knowing the right strategies, and even taking action on those strategies, is just ONE PART of the complete picture you need to succeed in business…or even in your life in general.

There is an “inner” business strategy that must also be developed…and actually, THIS is the first step to success! There are actually two parts to this “inner” part of your business…and they’re likely not what you think.

In this FREE webinar, I will share my own challenges, insights and victories on developing my OWN Inner Business. I want to see you finally achieve the success and freedom you deserve and developing your “inner business” is VITAL
to that success! You don’t want to miss this one! Here are the details:

Developing Your “Inner” Business
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Space is limited. Oh, and so you know…there is NO charge for this life and business transforming webinar!

Cool Surprises to Kick Off 2010

I am SO excited about diving into the New Year! The Holidays are fun and all but I’m ready to get back to doing what I LOVE to do…sharing HOW to use Public Domain content to successfully build your business. And to that extent, there are lots of cool, fun things in store for the coming months.

YES…I have some tricks and surprises up my sleeves (that benefit you, of course)…but that is part of the fun.

Over the Holidays…actually over the course of December…I spent a lot of time thinking about and planning how to move forward into the New Year in ways that would benefit you the most. As I considered a lot of different options, several important ideas came to mind, and I believe you’ll find them to be rather cool! I’ll share the first few with you now.

The first surprise I’d like to share is that I’ve decided to permanently drop the prices on all my best-selling products…more than half. Beginning today, you can now claim your own copy any of the following Public Domain training products at their new, lower price.

Public Domain Explained

Public Domain Profit Centers

Easy Money Picture Project

Limitless Blog Content

The second surprise is, of course, my NEW video series (you can watch Episode One below), where I’ll be sharing the benefits, strategies and tricks of using Public Domain content…and the videos will not cost you anything…zero cost…zero opt-in…zero sales pitch. Just me delivering great content to help you build your online business. The ONLY thing I ask for is your comments and to share them with others you know if they inspire you. That’s it. You will be able to view all the episodes right here on my blog!

That’s it for THIS post…no more secrets just yet, but wait until you see what ELSE I will be offering soon at no cost…you’ll definitely think I’ve lost my marbles (did you see them? They’re round, they sparkle and…). I’ll tell you more about THAT surprise in a few days. For now, however, please know that I am committed to your ongoing success for 2010. THIS is the year for you…I totally believe it!

How to Create Your Own E-Books

I am beginning a new webinar series this week where I will be walking you through the process of creating an ebook to sell online. No stone will be left unturned. I am going to cover every aspect of the process, step-by-step, drawing from my years of experience of creating my own best-selling ebooks and other products.

In this 3-part (more if needed) webinar series, you will discover how to:

=> Market research for quality niches to sell to

=> Identify the best keywords related to your product

=> Find the best content for your ebook

=> Turn the content into a formatted, ready-to-sell ebook

=> Find related products to offer as an affiliate

=> Create a beautiful cover in just minutes

=> Install and set-up your website (and blog) to sell your ebook

=> Create an opt-in and autoresponder to build a list for your niche

=> Write the salesletter for your ebook

=> Set-up the entire sales process (order button, download page, etc.)

=> Drive targeted traffic to your site

=> Ramp-up your site

=> And MUCH more…

I will teach you everything you need to know to create your own ebook to sell online by walking you through the entire process of creating my own brand-new product live. When this webinar series is over, you will have no questions about the process unanswered.

You can join me in this in-depth, step-by-step, how-to webinar series one of two ways. You can participate for free by investing in one of my product specials included on the page link below. Or you can participate in just the webinar for a one-time insanely low price. The choice is yours. Class begins this Wednesday.

Sign-up for “Creating Ebook Products From Beginning to End” HERE

Tony’s Yard Sale Is Back!

After a year-long hiatus from Tony’s Yard Sale, I have redesigned and updated the site to once again offer quality Marketing products at Yard Sale prices. This favorite site with visitors will once again offer new weekly deals and promotions, but will also now include opportunities for others to offer their products on the site as well. More details on how you can feature your products at Tony’s Yard Sale will be coming soon! Go check it out…and have fun shopping!

Tony’s Yard Sale

Public Domain Special Offer

A few months ago, I offered several of my products at a special reduced rate as a way of saying thank-you for your commitment and dedication to building your business (and your future) using the Proven Content of the Public Domain. The response was overwhelming and many of you LOVED the Bonus webinar series I included with your investment.

Because I have added SO many new subscribers and friends over the past few months, I wanted to extend the opportunity once again to invest in my BEST products at a savings of over 50% or more. PLUS…I’m including your choice of TWO brand-new webinar series on two of my favorite topics:

Creating E-book Products From Beginning to End


Photoshop Product Creation Tips and Tricks

You can get all the details here…check it out:

Customer Appreciation Special

Public Domain Traffic Secrets

I am hosting a FREE webinar Tuesday night, September 15th where I’m going to be teaching how to use Public Domain content to drive massive amounts of laser-targeted traffic to your website. And here is  the BEST part…did you see
the “no-cost” part?! Yep…it isn’t going to cost you a thing! I just want to provide you with more usable strategies to help you build your online business!

Here are the details…make sure you register right away. Spaces are limited.

Public Domain Traffic Secrets:
6 Killer Traffic Strategies for Using Public Domain content to get Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic to Your Niche Product Site.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM EDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Vacation with Mike and I?

The other evening, I was talking to my buddy, Mike Sigers from over at and Mike was trying to convince me to come to Kentucky to hang out with him for a couple days down by the lake. Now there’s something you have to know about Mike…he is an extraordinary sales trainer and knows how to sell…he’s a master at it. Needless to say I didn’t have a chance…lol. His pitch was SO appealing and tempting that I couldn’t resist. But then he said something that REALLY caught my attention…

Mike suggested that he and I invite a couple people to join us down at the lake and help them with their businesses. Help them with product creation, blog development, teach them how to sell, create podcasts…whatever they needed. I LOVED the idea SO much that I stopped him mid-conversation so that I could record what we were masterminding about. It’s amazing how things come together. It was a cool call and we started sharing strategies that you’re going to love…oh…and the deal with the lake? YEAH…we want you to join us. Here’s the thing though…we are only going to allow four people join us. I think you better listen to the audio right away, and then check out the details below.

We are going to have a blast! Listen to this!



So here is what Mike and I were thinking…

We would spend pick you up at the airport on Friday, August 21st (you would fly into Nashville, TN), and then we would head back to the resort for the weekend. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, we would work on your business with you…mastermind, help you create products, blogs, podcasts, etc. You would have full access to both Mike and I for as long as you need it during the time we’re together, so that you would leave with new sales strategies, new products, new websites…whatever you need.


The cost for the weekend is just $2,497, which is a small price to pay considering what Mike and I charge as an hourly rate ($250 – $500 per hour). Oh, and did I mention that includes your room, as well as lunch and dinner? Yep! BTW…I’m also going to include several of my top-end Public Domain packages for FREE for those who join us AND I’m going to have my camera there if you need professional photos shot for your blogs or products.

I hate to tell you this, but here’s the thing…Mike is telling the top people on his list, and I’m doing the same…plus we’re also making this opportunity available to our Twitter friends…so these four spots are going to go super quick!

There is something you need to know about Mike and I…we LOVE to give, give, give to the people we invest in and we’ll share everything we know to those who join us…not to mention that the lake is amazingly relaxing and peaceful! What do we get out of it? A chance to meet serious entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their business. You are the ones we want to partner with and joint-venture with…ao for us, it’s all about helping and building relationships…so if we can do that AND do so in an amazing, relaxing setting, it’s a win-win for everyone!

So here is what our Kentucky Business Getaway includes:

  • Transportation to and from the airport in Nashville
  • Your room for Friday night and Saturday night
  • Dinner Friday night, lunch and dinner Saturday, & lunch Sunda
  • Every waking moment with Mike and Tony to help you in your business along with all our skills, know-how, etc. in a relaxing, amazing atmosphere
  • Professional photos taken for your blog/products
  • My Ultimate Public Domain Package (learn more HERE)

Here is what to do next…

Click the order button below. Once your order goes through, we will send you all the details you need for the weekend. The dates again are August 21st-23rd, 2009 and the cost is just $2,497. We hope you can join us because we may not do this again!