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What Are You Waiting For?

Creating products using the proven content of the Public Domain makes it SO easy to begin selling information products online (or offline for that matter). What amazes me, however, is how FEW people actually take the leap. They get excited about the prospect of creating their own products, find great Public Domain content, even begin working on “their” project…and that’s where it stops. And of course, you can’t make money from a “product” that sits on your hard drive. SO, I want to know why…what is it that holds YOU back? What is it that YOU are waiting for? Is it the delivery process? The product creation process? The sales letter? I want to hear what’s holding you back…because…as I always say in my e-mails, I am “committed to your ongoing success!”

So share your comments below and I will answer each one!

53 Responses to “What Are You Waiting For?”

  • Hello Tony. Lots of information here. Still can’t figure out how someone would make money from Gutenberg. I downloaded a maritime story written by a British author in the late 1800s, it is about 175 pages. It appears to be his own life experience as a sailor. How could this or similar be used in any way? If you wanted to re-release it, would you list your name as the author?, Or list as presented by you, and name the original author? Could I then PDF it and publish it on Lulu?
    Also, what would be the best source of PD illustrations that could be used on t-shirts, mousepads, and such for a CafePress store?
    You have a great site with lots of information. Thanks.

  • support:

    Hey Francisco…I actually don’t use Gutenberg much…although I have found a few gems there. The majority of my online finds come from Google books or Internet Archive (although I check a lot of other sites as well). With the book you mentioned…you could put your name on it, or your name with the original author, like “by Francisco Gual and John Smith.” I would encourage you to consider ways you can personally add value to the book, whether updating the language or adding other elements, like the illustrations you mentioned. A great place to look for Public Domain illustrations is found at They have well over a million illustrations there. As for Lulu…sure, you could publish it there! is another great alternative, especially considering that it’s owned by Amazon!


  • Hi, Tony,
    I suspected that the Librivox Recordings are not in Public Domain.

    Even if the underlying book is in Public Domain, the recording would be a new edition of the work and as such would be covered by a new copyright.

    I went to the Public Domain page @ and found this:
    “LibriVox records only texts that are in the public domain (in the USA – see below for why), and all our recordings are public domain (definitely in the USA, and maybe in your country as well, see below). This means anyone can use all our recordings however they wish (even to sell them).

    In addition, book summaries, CD cover art, and any other material that goes into our catalog with the audio recordings are in the public domain.”

    There is a lot more information about PD on the site, so, it would be worth checking out.

    It is also interesting that Librivox supplies cover art and the print materials for their recordings, so if one wanted, they could convert the MP3 recording into a CD format and download the necessary print materials and have a CD for sale. Really easy if you uploaded it all to and have them produce the CD for you.

    I would add my publishing information to the CD label, cover, insert, etc.

    I would also give the artists credit for doing the reading.

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