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Six Motivators for Taking Action

The other day, a friend of mine asked me on Facebook how I got so much done in my day and questioned whether I even slept. When I read her question, I chuckled because I certainly sleep, and sometimes even feel like I didn’t accomplish as much in a day as I would have preferred. But her question also got me thinking…so I took a few moments and jotted down a quick response on what motivated me to take action on my goals. I listed five for her, but in retrospect, realize that there is also a sixth one. Because of their importance in my own life, I thought I’d share them here on my blog for your benefit as well.

1. Love What I Do: You HAVE to love what you do because when you love it, doing it is easy. It’s when we are indifferent or even dread doing something that taking action on it becomes difficult. I’m sure you have experienced times of doing something you loved and the time just flew by and you felt amazing. You can experience that every moment by choosing a business that you love.

2. Intense Curiosity: I’m intensely curious about lots of things and that curiosity often compels me to take action…to find out what’s next, or “I wonder what would happen if?” Again, if you don’t love whatever it is you are doing, it’s doubtful that you will be curious to learn more. Seek to discover what makes what you need to do unique.

3. Focused Time Blocks: I tend to be easily distracted at times and find that when I set aside specific blocks of focused time, I’m MUCH more productive. I tend to like Dave Lakhani‘s rule of 45/15 – 45 minutes of focused, planned effort and then a 15-minute break. Once I implemented that strategy, my productivity increased exponentially.

4. Relentless Tenacity: One of my early mentors referred to me with the nickname of, “Tonacity,” because of my focused intent to do something, no matter what. Tenacity pushes you forward when you might, otherwise, want to quit or give up. It says, “I will go to the ends of the earth to get what I want!” I’m reminded of Winston Churchil who once declared, “Never, Never, Never give up!”

5. Huge “Reason Why”: This is a HUGE part of success! Without a “reason why” you are doing what you do, it’s likely that you will struggle to move forward in it when things get tough. Your reason why might be your family, to get a new house or car, to make a million dollars…whatever. The thing is that your reason why HAS to be compelling…it has to drive you to create and experience the success you hope to achieve.

6. Systems: I’ve learned from experience that if you don’t follow a system or method for doing the work of your business, you will not be as effective, or successful, as you would be with those in place. Systems can be as simple as establishing templates for creating your websites or copywriting to the research and tracking of your sales process. I fought this for a long time…thought I could do things “My Way” as Frank Sinatra sang…but the truth is, once I began to implement systems into my business, my success and effectiveness began to increase. Yours will as well!

My hope is that these six motivators will aid you in building the business and success of your dreams. I know that, in my own experience, they’ve had a huge impact on my own success…and continue to do so. So here is to YOUR ongoing success!

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