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Is Your Business Stagnate or Flowing?

We can often learn much about our personal life and business by being observant of the world around us. Our planet in all its glory is the most successful, most systematized and most profitable business model there is. The key for us is to pay attention. Take one of our basic and most precious resources, for instance…WATER. A simple study and observation about water and its properties can teach you more about achieving success in your business than most of the top-selling business books combined. In a word, it’s all about FLOW!

Now there are a LOT of ways that we can spin this analogy of water flow with business, but there is one specific example that may “click” for you, especially if you’re selling (or trying to sell) online. First of all, like water, we must have “flow” happening in our business to keep it fresh and vibrant. There is a reason we have terms like “cash flow.” When water begins to pool, it stagnates. Algae starts forming and it becomes home to all kinds of insects. Eventually, it evaporates and is gone. Does that sound like your business? I hope not! But if flow has stopped somewhere, stagnation has begun, and you must make the necessary changes to re-establish flow.

Selling online (or offline) comes down to just a few key components: 1) A prospect with a need; 2) A solution to the need; 3) A conversion mechanism; and 4) Followup. That’s it. If there is a breakdown in any one or more of these components, stagnation occurs. For instance, we can have all the traffic we want (prospects) with a great product (solution), but our salescopy (conversion mechanism) sucks. The result? Nothing happens…stagnation. Perhaps you have great traffic and a great sales page, but the product isn’t what the prospect was looking for. Refunds ensue and so does stagnation.

For the sake of illustration, let’s extend out water analogy a bit further to this process by looking at hydroelectric dams. You start of with a massive amount of water that is flowing slowly (your traffic). With the help of a dam, you concentrate the flow of the river into a rushing torrent, which, as it flows by, turns turbines (conversion mechanism), which in turn, creates electricity (solution). Then, the river continues its flow downstream. I want you to think about this example and consider how you can apply it to your “work flow.” The concentrated flow of the water, when directed through a conversion process, creates the solution, which, in this case, is another type of flow…electricity. And as we know, electricity is a solution we ALL need!

So let me ask you…does YOUR business have flow? Is your traffic flowing? Is your sales page or squeeze page converting? Is your product a solution people want or need? Now, with each of these questions, if the answer is “NO,” I want you to consider the following…

If flow isn’t happening, why? What steps can you take right now that will create a different result than you are currently achieving? What will change or increase the FLOW in your business in a significant way?

I hope you found this analogy helpful and I’d love to hear your own thoughts and insights concerning it. Please feel free to add your comments below. And, if you would do me a favor, could you help me increase the “flow” of this post by sharing it with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Digg? Thank you!

4 Responses to “Is Your Business Stagnate or Flowing?”

  • Dan:

    My problem has always been in the follow up catagory. I can generate leads, I can ask them to buy.. But then follow up becomes my stagnation. Nice post, makes you think alittle more.

  • Mae:

    I always like your articles Tony they are very informative & helpful…. I Love this water analogy…

  • I like the questions at the end. I’ve had challenges with asking questions through out my life. Many times it doesn’t occur to me to ask a question. Once I start asking good questions the answers start flowing.

  • Hi Tony
    Going on your water theme of your article (some good points BTW):
    ‘My pipes always seem to be blocked up’!!
    For instance- Bought your Magazine Public Domain after the webinar with Jim Edwards, really excited, read all the material then found I had to buy loads of mags on Ebay or wherever (which as I am in the UK was impractical – so $97 down the drain!
    Having spents loads of $$$ with the gurus and got nowhere- got on with building my website about German Shepherd Dogs,but not getting much traffic yet. Then I find that I should have built a blog to use Web2.0 (more confusion) still trying to get to grips with using autoresponders (another spanner in the works).
    So now I am just about to start submitting articles, and I am also getting videos together of our German Shepherds to put up on You Tube.
    The time its taken me to learn all this ‘techie stuff’ and get it all together – perhaps I will be in the Public Domain!
    Maybe I should have been a plumber? – then I would have known how to fix all the leaks!!
    Graham in UK

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