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If I Had to Do It All Over Again

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately about what I would do differently in my business if I had to do it all over. I realized that there are some elements of my business that I would handle exactly the same, but others I would definitely change. So what I thought I would do is over the next several blog posts, I am going to walk through the lessons I’ve learned over the past several years of selling online (my first “sales” site was launched in 2002). I will share my successes and mistakes in every area of the business…from product creation and affiliate selling to JVs and traffic.

My hope (and goal) is to help you avoid the same mistakes I made and benefit from the strategies and methods that worked. I will share what I would do right now if I was starting over. The first post will be ready in the next day or two!

5 Responses to “If I Had to Do It All Over Again”

  • Thanks, Tony! Looking forward to reading this series of posts! :-)

  • Tony I am looking forward to these articles. Currently am in a complete business makeover since my business is not growing as it should. Big thoughts from big thinkers, like you, will hopefully push me on my way.
    ~ MJ

  • Paul Stevens:

    This will be a BIG help to everyone Tony, whether they use it or not. We all learn when we see how someone else does things.


  • When you were discouraged, with your head face down in the keyboard, empty checkbook and a bucket of empty promises from the gurus you trusted…what did you do? What miracle did you perform on yourself to keep going? What words did you feed yourself to try this internet marketing thing one more day?

  • Dan:

    Great idea, there is no better teacher then experience. Sharing your experiences will provide food for thought that I am sure anyone that takes it seriously can and will benefit from.
    I look forward to the posts, get to work! :)

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