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Digest It a Little…

It’s no secret that there are huge amounts…unimaginable amounts…of great content available in the Public Domain. You literally have free access to the genius of some of the greatest writers, entertainers, inventors and artists to have ever lived. In the rush to “find the next gem” or “create the next product,” however, we often miss one of the key benefits of the Public Domain…the actual information. We create our products, articles or blog posts to get our “wonderful” info out to the masses, but never take the time to actually digest any of it ourselves. There are many books from the Public Domain that have honestly changed my life in some way, or made it richer. So it’s not just about “making a buck”…it’s about becoming. Becoming the better person, the better husband, the better craftsman, etc. AND helping others to become the same!

I recently found a great book on Salemanship in the Public Domain…I’m offering it to you here today as a gift (since it’s likely you were unaware of it util now). The book is in raw text form so you can edit it or use it however you like to create a new product, blog posts, whatever. But, before you start the ‘ole “product creation” machine, do yourself a favor and READ the book. It’s full of gems. You’ll be a better person (and salesman or marketer) for it.

You can download the book HERE!


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