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Improve Your Audios Using Idea Formulas

Creating your first audio product can be intimidating…even without the technology issues. Maybe you’re not sure how to start, or what to say, or if what you have to say even matters. One of the BEST sources I’ve seen to help you decide what to talk about or where to begin is by studying magazine and tabloid headlines to look for idea formulas. Here is what I mean:

The January 2010 issue of “In Style” magazine has a headline, “145 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Look.”

Now to create an idea formula from this headline, simply remove, the defining elements to end up with:

“____ (number) No-Cost Ways to Improve Your _______.”

Let’s say that you want to create an audio product or podcast for your gardening niche. Using the idea formula we just created, you could come up with something like:

“7 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Tomato Yields”

“10 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Soil Quality”

Or a further variation without the word “Your”…

“5 No-Cost Ways to Improve Insect Control”

Let’s look at another niche…model railroading:

“7 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Scenery-Building Skills”

Now this is just ONE idea formula from one magazine issue! There are hundreds of other ideas out there waiting for you. You can easily string together a series of new idea formulas inserting your niche topic to create ideas for dozens of audio podcasts and audio products. Use your imagination! Oh, and if you don’t feel like taking a trip to the bookstore or grocery store, buzz over to to access all the latest covers.

Try this one:

“7 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Audios Using Idea Formulas”

Now, this “idea formula” strategy will work for more than just audio creation. It also serves as a great method for creating blog post and article titles as well as ideas for video. Have a Blog Talk Radio show? This strategy is perfect for developing show ideas to grow your audience.

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