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New, FREE Report on Niche Research

I just uploaded a new, FREE report to my Yard Sale site titled, “Niche (and Public Domain) Research With a Spin.” I share some powerful ways to use Twitter to connect more effectively¬†with your niche audience and to conduct some pretty cool, covert research (nothing illegal of course). You can download the free report now by visiting:

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One Response to “New, FREE Report on Niche Research”

  • Tony,
    I found a book dated 1952, so I checked the copyright at and it was not listed. But there was a fourth edition listed for 1980.

    So is the 1952 book public domain, or not because of the fourth edition. I think what is confusing is when a book has a new edition.

    The book is “Homes With Character” by Hazel T. Craig.

    Thank you,

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