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Archive for December, 2010

The Mathematics of Business Success

If you are like many people, the idea of making six figures a year, or even seven or eight figures, seems like a nearly impossible task. For whatever reason, especially when you are starting out with selling information products, the idea of making $100,000 in a year seems like a huge challenge…let alone trying to hit that number per month. When you start thinking about big numbers like that, you quickly discover the internal objections you have concerning money. I hit these walls as well. And then I made a simple discovery that put my income goals into a perspective that was believable.

If you aren’t currently earning $100,000 or more from your online business, I want you to say out loud, right now, “I will earn $1000,000 in 2011!” How did that feel? What kind of chatter and feedback are you getting from your brain right now? Are you feeling like it’s impossible or unattainable? Does it seem hopeless? Let me show you a little trick to get around those feelings. The truth is that $100K IS a lot of money when viewed as a whole. But I am also sure you’ve heard the axiom of being able to eat an entire elephant…one bite at a time.

By comparison, how does the number “11” feel? Feels more doable doesn’t it?! Well, here is where the magic begins. If you made just 11 sales per day of a $27 product (or affiliate commission) during 2011, your yearly income, are you ready, would total $108,405! Just 6 sales per day of a $47 product and you hit $102,930 for the year. Just 6 sales a day! You can do that!

Okay…now check this out! If you committed to making just one sale per hour every day…that’s just 24 sales a number (not a huge number)…and you sold a $47 product (a low price point), you would hit a whopping $411,720 a year! See the power of the math? We’re using numbers that don’t freak out our brains here!

So here is my challenge to you…

I want you to set a sales challenge to yourself. Write it on your marker board or wherever it remains in plain view. And then each day in 2011, commit to hitting that challenge for the day. Don’t think about the year or the month. Focus on meeting the challenge, whatever it is, for the day. Maybe for you it will be just 1 sale a day. Sell just 1 – $97 product per day and you’ve added $35,405 to your income!

I look forward to hearing your success stories. Feel free to comment below!