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Archive for December, 2008

The Past Three Months…The Next Three Months

The other day, I received a message through Facebook from one of my subscribers:

“I was worried because I stopped receiving your emails and your sites are inactive. Any chance you’ll be back soon?”

My response to her is what I’d like to use as a foundation to explain what’s been happening over the past several months… why I “vanished” from the world of the Public Domain for nearly three months. Some of you know the beginning, but I feel that I owe you more details about where I’ve been, why I pulled back from Internet Marketing and what the future holds.
Many of you are aware that a year ago, my Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. We’re blessed that he’s still with us for another holiday season, but the past few months have been difficult for him with seizures, blood clots, a further degeneration of his speech and ability to walk, etc. Also, in September, my wife and I filed for divorce…it was a mutual decision but it still was what it was…with stretching financial responsibilities, relationship adjustments, emotions…you know how it works….

And so, my divorce and all the changes associated with that, the loss of close friends (because of divorce) and my Dad’s struggle with deteriorating health from the brain cancer really put me into a bit of emotional overload, to be honest. So much was happening all at the same time that I had to pull back everywhere I could… kind of like a dark night of the soul. Of course, we all go through them…I’m sure you could tell me stories…perhaps much worse than my own…but the thing I discovered is that you don’t know how you will respond in situations like that until you go through them. For me, something had to give and I honestly felt like just walking away from everything (as you can obviously tell). I lost my drive and passion for business…creativity stopped, I could think of anything to write about…and I came to the point where it had to be family (and me) first if I would ever have a chance at coming through all this stronger and wiser. So I unplugged almost completely. During that time, I also did not respond well to e-mail, if at all, my customer service was been extremely slow, I stopped e-mailing everyone on my lists, and I neglected friendships and business acquaintances that I had been nurturing and were (and still are) important to me. I’m not happy about those areas of failure…I can only offer apologies and a new commitment to get things back on track and improve the areas I allowed to slip. It wasn’t my intent, but it happened none the less.

During that time, I had a lot of amazing support from friends and family, and from friends in the IM community. There are a few people that I owe a deep debt of gratitude to for their amazing support and friendship over the past few months. Whether they realize it or not, they’ve been lifesavers to me. I want to publicly thank my close friend, Ed Owens and my business partner, Marsha Blessing for their encouragement and listening. I also want to thank Jim Edwards, David Hancock, Warren Whitlock, Rhea Perry, Donna Fox, Ben Mack, Eric Farewell, Lynette Patterson and a few other IM friends who were also lifesavers for me…more than they know. Thanks to them, I’m still in business and am excited to move forward again! My Twitter friends have also been amazing with encouragement, friendship and prayers…if you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing an awesome community of people who care (you can follow me at: So, thankfully, it appears my “Dark Night of the Soul” is coming to somewhat of an end…and I’m glad.

So that’s been the past three months…

Things are beginning to return to normal now (except for Dad’s health)…I’m getting adjusted to single life after 21 years…although, with my ex-wife moving 4 hours away next week and my youngest daughter moving with her, there will still be some adjustments. Plus…because I can’t have pets at my new place, my husky, Kola, is also moving. I do visit Dad everyday though and it’s been great to “be there” for him and Mom.

Over the next few weeks, there will be a number of changes in my business in an effort to get everything updated and back on track. I’m in the process of updating all my websites with new, current contact information so that it’s easier to get in contact with me. I’m moving away from all my old e-mail accounts (mostly due to ongoing server issues) and creating new e-mail accounts for interaction. I’m moving several sites to new servers and autoresponders, as well as updating outdated websites and more. I’m also updating my customer support help desk to make it clearer and easier to use and will be responding much more quickly to those needs as well. And the best news of all is that I’ve been writing again and will be blogging and releasing newsletters on a more regular basis…yay!

I also have some new products planned that I’m extremely excited about. Some have been in-process for a while, like Info Gold Extreme (which should be ready by the end of January, along with some new ones you don’t know about just yet…grin. Over the past few weeks, I’ve also identified and tested some new Public Domain research strategies that are very cool and VERY effective. I’ve been finding some of the best, most amazing content in my entire career in the past few weeks, and I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it! Watch for that report in the next week or so!

Lastly, I wanted to do something for the Holidays…something special that I haven’t done before as a way of saying “Thank-You” for the past year of friendship and exploring the Public Domain together and to say “Hello!” again! So I pulled together a bunch of FREE gifts for you as well a couple special offers on some of my most popular products to help you leap into the New Year with new ideas and opportunities.

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