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Archive for June, 2008

Using Public Domain Works to Preserve Language

This morning, I read an excellent article that reveals yet another powerful role the Public Domain can play in the world around us–the preservation of language. The article shares how Demetrio Túpac Yupanqui has taken the 1605 classic, “Don Quixote” and has translated the majority of it into Quechua, the language of the Incas in an effort to keep the language alive. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“SOMEWHERE in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a gentleman lived not long ago.”

Simple enough, right? But not for Demetrio Túpac Yupanqui.

Instead, he regales visitors to his home here in this gritty port city on Lima’s edge with his Quechua version of the opening words of “Don Quixote”: “Huh k’iti, la Mancha llahta suyupin, mana yuyarina markapin, yaqa kay watakuna kama, huh axllasqa wiraqucha.”

Mr. Túpac Yupanqui, theologian, professor, adviser to presidents and, now, at the sunset of his long life, a groundbreaking translator of Cervantes, greets the perplexed reactions to these words with a wide smile.

“When people communicate in Quechua, they glow,” said Mr. Túpac Yupanqui, who at 85 still appears before his pupils each day in a tailored dark suit. “It is a language that persists five centuries after the conquistadors arrived. We cannot let it die.”

Once the lingua franca of the Inca empire, Quechua has long been in decline. But thanks to Mr. Túpac Yupanqui and others, Quechua, which remains the most widely spoken indigenous language in the Americas, is winning some new respect.

Mr. Túpac Yupanqui’s elegant translation of a major portion of “Don Quixote” has been celebrated as a pioneering development for Quechua, which in many far-flung areas remains an oral language. While the Incas spoke Quechua, they had no written alphabet, leaving perplexed archaeologists to wonder how they managed to assemble and run an empire without writing.

SINCE the Spanish conquest, important writing in Quechua has emerged, but linguists and Quechua speakers hope that the new version of “Don Quixote” will be a step toward forming a public culture in the language, through Quechua magazines, television and books, that will keep its speakers engaged with the wider world.

(“Armed With a Pen, and Ready to Save the Incas’ Mother Tongue” by Simon Romero, New York Times,, accessed June 11, 2008)

Patents Revisited

I thought I would revisit patents briefly today to share a few more facts about what’s available to you as a product creator. Most people don’t realize it, but when a patent expires, it falls into the Public Domain. This is important to remember for one simple reason: The longest a patent (utility patent) can remain in force is 20 years (17 years depending on when it was filed), with some patents (such as design patents) lasting just 14 years. What that means for you is this: Every patent filed before June 1988 is expired and in the Public Domain. Some estimate that there are now over 1.5 million expired patents, although that number must certainly be higher.

Another little known fact about expired patents is this: If a patent holder fails to pay the required maintenance fees for maintaining current patent status (3 yrs., 7 yrs., & 11 yrs. after filing), the patent will expire and fall ito the Public Domain. Patents that expire in this fashion are published in the weekly United States Patent Official Gazette. You can also search through them using the free, online database,

What makes this information SO exciting is our ability to literally plug into the creative genius of so many individuals…for free! If you’ve ever read a patent, you’ll know that it includes drawings of the invention and a detailed description of how the invention works. So, as you can imagine, the possibility for product creation is, once again, nearly endless.

For more information on patents, look elsewhere on this blog, or check out my ebook on Patents over at Tony’s Yard Sale (

Public Domain Survey Results

I would like to thank each one who participated in the “I Want to Learn More About” survey. The results were very interesting in some cases and gratifying in others. There were a few surprises, especially in method of delivery, but overall, I’m thrilled (and even more focused) with the results. Below I have listed the top five preferred topics and the top four preferred methods of delivery…just so you have an idea of how things stacked up.

Preferred Topics

  • eBook Products Creation using Public Domain content 
  • Detailed Step-by-Step finding and using Magazine content 
  • Niche Market Research and how to do it
  • Setting up Blogs using Public Domain content
  • Detailed Step-by-Step of the entire Website/Product creation process

Preferred Method of Delivery

  • Ebooks (won by a lot)
  • Downloadable MP3 Audios (#2-#4 were all very close)
  • Downloadable MP4 Videos
  • Multi-Part Autoresponder Series (this was a bit of a surprise)

Because the new projects I’ve been working on fit perfectly within the top five results chosen (whew), I will continue moving forward with delivering the exact things you’re looking for. Thanks again for your feedback…it was invaluable!


How Can I Serve You in the Coming Weeks?

One of the worst mistakes any marketer can make is to create a product because you think it’s a great idea and then try to jam it down people’s throats. Sure, you may make a few sales, but you’ll never achieve the kind of success you truly desire with that approach. There are a number of effective ways to identify the best direction to take for product creation in your niche, and one of the most effective methods is to use polls or surveys.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this method, and to learn exactly what you would like me to focus on in the coming weeks with regard to the Public Domain, I’ve put together a very special survey just for you. It will take about 30-seconds (or less) to complete, and I’ll let you know the results shortly.

You can let your voice be heard HERE:



It’s very important to me that I know exactly what you need to be successful with Public Domain content, so I **REALLY** appreciate you taking a few moments from your day (or evening) to help me serve you more effectively!

Thank you!


Losing Access to 750,000 Public Domain Books

You have probably heard by now that Microsoft has shut down it’s book scanning venture, also known as Live Search Books. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the 750,000 Public Domain books offered there because now they’re gone…at least for the time being.

Not all is lost however. Some of the books are still available over at, so that should be you new second favorite place to find Public Domain book content (Google Books being #1, of course). So what’s happening to all those Public Domain books? Microsoft is providing digital copies of them all to Publishers, which means that you will likely be unable to have access to those editable PDFs for free ever again.

I personally downloaded hundreds of books from Microsoft’s site, up until the time they closed down. Hopefully you did too. But again, I want to remind you that there is ALWAYS new Public Domain content being added to thousands of websites around the internet, so we users of that content should still be up to our ears in “the good stuff” for years to come!

Is My Affiliate Evolution Worth It?

Very often we’re programmed to think that low-priced products are cheap or are a gimmick, and I think there is good reason for that caution. Very often, those suspicions are correct. However, there are some notable exceptions to the rule. One such exception is Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Evolution ( In this new package (being offered for just $10), Russell reveals an affiliate technique he uses called the “Commission Bump.” But this isn’t some cheap “black-hat” marketing trick that is going to get slammed by Google next week. It’s actually a very smart business model that will work well in nearly any niche. It’s the same model that Russell’s entire business runs on and the same model I’m moving my own business toward.

 So why would Russell reveal this secret strategy for just $10. I believe there are a few reasons for it:

1. He genuinely wants to see you succeed online. Having had several opportunities to speak one-on-one with Russell over the past few years, I genuinely believe that. There is a growing demand for marketers to put their money where their mouth by presenting quality info for free or at a low cost. This removes the excuse that many newbies offer for not succeeding online (that excuse being, “I can’t afford the good information.”). I use this method often in my own business and it’s a smart one (there are a bunch of free and low-cost Public Domain-related reports and more over at Tony’s Yard Sale =>

2. He wants an opportunity to present his higher-end products to you. Is he out for your money? Yes and no! The $10 dollars you to invest in the Affiliate Evolution program goes to the affiliates. Russell doesn’t even get that money. He only profits on the back-end. Yes, that would require you to invest even more money if you CHOOSE to (it’s not required), but the comparative value you would receivefrom additional investments is also much greater. This is no different than being offered a warranty plan at Circuit City for your computer or the opportunity to “upsize” your value meal at the fast food restaurant of your choice.

So what does this mean for YOU? It means that for the cost of two frozen mochas or a large pizza, you can gain access to a “working” business plan you NEED in your business, rather than a ton of sugar, caffeine and calories which you DON’T need (no…you don’t). You’ll also receive all the other bonuses being offered as a part of the package, making it an incredible offer (really).

I strongly believe that you should invest in this package, so much so that I’ve added a bonus of my own to the mix that is well worth more than the $10 dollars you’ll spend. On Wednesday, June 4th at 7:00 pm, I am hosting a special, advanced training session where I’ll be sharing some of the latest Public Domain techniques that I am currently using to build my online and offline businesses. Many of these effective strategies are fresh ideas that are not being taught anywhere else and I guarantee that they’ll raise some eyebrows.

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Once I’ve verified your purchase…

=> I’ll e-mail you a special link with all the information for the teleseminar.

You will also receive another surprise bonus…my latest e-book, “From Striving to Thriving Online,” where I share to very powerful methodologies you MUST use to succeed online.

BTW…the price on My Affiliate Evolution is being increased to $97 this Wednesday, June 4th, so I would NOT delay any longer!