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Archive for May, 2008

Success Comes From Following Good Leaders…

Here is the third in a series of Public Domain video shorts…


What Making More Money Has Come To…

Here is another classic Public Domain clip. I love these things!


Man’s Evolution


A Little of This Can Mean a LOT of That…

I wanted to remind you that my new teleseminar series, The Creativity Code begins tomorrow night. Creativity is SO vital to your business and personal success, but more than that, it’s knowing what to DO with that creativity that’s your key to success. Remember…

Creative Innovation + Inspired Action = Abundant Success

Let me ask you…have you ever come up with a terrific idea but never followed through on it, only to discover at a later time that someone else created the SAME product or idea as you had except they’re making the money from it? That feeling sucks, doesn’t it?! I’ve had that happen several times. Perhaps you have to. You see a new product or idea and you
turn to whomever and say, “Hey, I thought of that before…I knew it would be a hit!” There’s just one problem…it’s not YOU making the money. It’s the other guy. So much for your brilliant idea. It’s making HIM rich, while you still struggle!

In The Creativity Code, I am going to share, not only over 30 different ways to tap into that powerful force of creativity within you, but I’m also going to share how to take action in ways that guarantee you’ll never have to feel that burn of being “ripped-off” again. The key is to take inspired action…and I’m going to share what it is and how to act now.

Speaking of inspired action…it’s time that you take inspired action right now by signing up for The Creativity Code teleseminar series. Take charge of your business again and end the cycle of disappoint and hesitation. Of course, you could still continue to watch other people make money from YOUR ideas while you struggle. It’s up to you.

You can choose to try to figure this all out yourself, or you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by learning from someone who’s been there and can guide you through The Creativity Code process. Personally, I believe you’re one of the smart ones, so I look forward to having you join me Tuesday and Wednesday evening. And if you have committments…no worries…I’m recording everthing and having it transcribed. So you won’t miss a thing!

BTW…A bunch of you stopped by my Memorial Day party for a visit…it was good to see you there! There is still time to
head on over to check out all the physical products I have on sale there…some have never been offered before…like the printed version of “Easy Money Picture Project” or the Ultimate Edition of the Public Domain Survival Kit. This special offer only lasts a few more days…so stop on over!


I’m Having a Cookout…Come On Over!

Hey there…

 I’ve put together a little soiree for Memorial Day weekend and you’re invited! I’ll be there with Kola…we have hamburgers and hot dogs and a whole lot more!


Tony’s Memorial Day Weekend Summer Kickoff Extravaganza

See you there!

Culture Shifting Creativity

I recently received an e-mail commenting on one of the methodologies I shared on the Creativity Teleseminar ( for activating your creativity in new ways. The methodology was one that I refer to as “Culture Shifting.” The Culture Shifting methodology is an interesting one, and one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to explaining it more during the Creativity Code (  teleseminars next week. It is actually one of the methodologies that has provided some of the greatest breakthroughs for me personally, once I understood it.

We in the West have such a misguided perspective that everyone thinks just like we do…and that’s not true at all. Consider the example I shared during the free teleseminar about how many indigenous tribes are a verb-based society rather than a noun-based society like we are. Then ask yourself the following questions…

  • If I had to look at this situation, business, product, etc. from the sole perspective of verbs (action words), what would it look like?
  • How would it be different if described ONLY with verbs?
  • How does my product, sales copy, etc. engage the customer?

The concept can get a bit deep, but I hope you can see how a view like that could put a creative spin on what you’re working on or doing. I’ll give you another really simple, but powerful example. When I say the word “Rain”, you are most likely inclined to think noun…it’s the droplets that fall from the sky. But rain is SO much more:

  • There are smells attached to it
  • It’s active (falling from the sky)
  • It contains life that results in the growth of our plants
  • Science has proven that water can be “programmed” with positive and negative energy
  • And so on.

Now take THAT idea and apply it to product creation! It’s NOT just a product:

  • It contains information, some original, some not, but not just words…active knowlege
  • It touches the lives of others and creates interactive emotions, results, etc. resulting, perhaps in one or many people finally “getting it”, the result of which means their bills get paid or achieving the freedom they deserve
  • The product sets a tone in someone’s mind that could result in a new friendships or the finding of an answer they didn’t know they needed
  • The product creates a feeling of trust in your customer, which is vital to business success
  • And MUCH more… 

These are all actions tied up in ANY product. Now let me ask you this: How would seeing YOUR new product from this perspective…from the perspective of a verb….change how you create it, market it, talk about it, etc. See the difference? It’s NOT just a product (noun), it’s a product (verb)…active, interactive, connecting and changing those it touches. It’s powerful!

Now here is the REALLY cool thing about Culture Shifting…the VERB example is just one example that comes from this methodology. There are other perspectives equally as powerful that reside within the unique worldviews of others. I’ll be sharing more about those in the Creativity Code Teleseminars next week. You REALLY need to sign-up for them…it’ll change your business!


Creativity Teleseminar Replay Posted

Hey there. I’ve posted the Creativity Teleseminar from Monday night for your listening enjoyment. We covered a LOT of ground and shared some key insights on the methods I use to connect with Creativity. Why is creativity SO important? Simple! It’s the one thing that can take ANY situation and turn it into a WIN-WIN situation for you…if you know how to activate it and use it! You can find out HOW to do that by listening to the Creativity Teleseminar here (it’s free!):

While you’re there, make sure you check out the Teleseminar Special. On May 27 & 28, I am taking the subject of creativity even deeper with The Creativity Code. Listen, success in business (or anything else for that matter) comes down to a simple code. I call it the Creativity Code. The Creativity Code is simply this:

Creative Innovation + Inspired Action = Abundant Success

In the Creativity Code, I’ll be picking up where I left off with the first Creativity Teleseminar (which is why you need to listen to it) and dig deep into the 30+ methodologies I use for activating my creativity and how I apply it to my business and personal ventures. To get in on the fun (and take your business and personal life to the next level), check out the Creativity Code:

See you there!

Creativity Teleseminar Info

Hey everyone,

I’ve uploaded the information you’ll need for the Creativity & Innovation Teleseminar that’s happening Monday, May 19th at 7:00PM. To get all the details and to watch a cool video where I reveal one of my favorite methods to boost creativity, head on over to:

See you there!


I Got Banned By Google Books…

I can’t believe it…I got banned from Google Books…kind of. Here’s what happened…

I discovered that Google Books had a collection of terrific books related to a certain niche I’m interested in (sorry…I can’t reveal what that niche is). Anyway, let’s just say that Google Books has a LOT of books on this topic (hundreds). So last night, I decided that before “Lost” came on, I would start downloading as many of the books as I could. When I hit around 80 books, I got an error message when I tried to download the next book. The warning said that they suspected that I was a potential threat to the server or an automated system and so I was blocked.

Done…Yikes! Not Good.

So do you want to know what happened next? I switched from my IE browser over to Firefox to see if the ban was in effect there too…and it wasn’t…yeah…I was good to go again. But then I got to thinking…this “ban” thing must be controlled by cookies or something. The “403” page I got mentioned something about it, so I decided to flush my cookies to see if that would fix the problem in Internet Explorer. It didn’t work…at first. I tried to download a book right away and still got the error message. But here’s the weird thing…five minutes later, everything worked again. So I’m planning my next batch of downloads for tonight…he he he.

Moral of the story?

Try not to download more than 80 books in one sitting…grin…if you need to, just dump your cookies or switch browsers and keep going. Boy am I glad this wasn’t a permanent deal.


Hey…I’m planning a little something on Monday evening that I wanted to let you know about. One of my great passions in life (besides the Public Domain) has been the study and power of creativity. Creating nearly 600 book covers during my career as a graphic designer kind of forced me to become a student of the creative process. Over the years, I developed some very effect methods for tapping into the creativity that lies within each of us.

The other day, after a conversation with one of my friends, I sat down and began to list all the different methods I’ve used to gain that creative spark, and I was surprised to discover that there were thirty different methods I use or have used to “tune in” to my creative forces.


These three forces are incredibly powerful and can literally change ANY part of your business or even your personal life…IF…you know how to access them. Most people don’t. Perhaps your one who thinks you don’t have a creative bone
in your body.

Not true! And I can prove it!

On Monday, May 19th at 7PM, I am going to host a teleseminar where I am going to share about the creative process…you’re NOT going to want to miss it. I’ll send you all the details over the weekend, but I just wanted to bring it to
your attention now. It’s going to be a lot of fun! And best of all…it won’t cost you a thing to attend.

So if you’re…

=> Having trouble with product ideas
=> Struggling with what markets to consider
=> Having trouble shutting off your head at night
=> Confused about how to approach your business strategies
=> Struggling to gain the freedoms your deserve

You need to attend this F.R.E.E. Creativity Teleseminar. I’ll be talking about a lot of methods and techniques that I’ve NEVER shared before, except with my closest friends (like only 2 or 3 people).

Watch for the details…I’ll post them on Sunday!


The Robots Are Coming!

Spent some time tonight digging around on the Patent website and found some really cool robots. Now I don’t think I’ll be making any marketing info products out of them, but I DO want to empasize once again that there is a whole bunch of content just waiting for you or your competition to develop creative products from Patents.

Take me to your leader…