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Archive for March, 2008

Ancient Chinese Art from the Public Domain

My wife and I were at an art show of sorts today and I was able to pick up a fantastic piece of ancient Chinese art that is definitely in the Public Domain. Below is a scan of the beautiful “painting” that I purchased:


But there is some extra-special about this artwork that you should know. It WASN’T painted by a heroic samurai warrior or a zen priest. It actually pre-dates all that history for one simple reason…it’s a slice of picture marble (rock) that was found in Guanzi Province in China. It’s amazing how Nature does such an amazing job at creating beauty, and even MORE amazing that this “artwork” actually has the look and feel of ancient Chinese art. Of course, since it IS technically a piece of rock, it cannot be copyrighted, placing it firmly in the Public Domain! I think there might be a book in there somewhere! BTW, the “art show” was a rock and mineral show…I’m a bigtime rockhound!


I Didn’t See This One Coming…plus the Value of Magazine Ads

I’ve shared before that since tapping into the power of Public Domain magazines…lots of them! Well, my investments are starting to catch up with me. When the mail lady stopped by yesterday to deliver the mail, and yes…MORE magazines, she said that we were receiving too many packages for the size mailbox we have (the normal standard size) and said that we needed to upgrade to a parger size that could handle all the packages (also known as my magazine purchases) or they would stop delivering them to the house. I guess the old Pony Express motto (The Mail Must Go Through) doesn’t apply to the USPS anymore if your mailbox is too small. So folks, you heard it here first: When it comes to your Public Domain magazine purchases, apparently “Size Does Matter!” lol. So I’m heading to Lowes today to upgrade my mailbox…hmmm.

I also wanted to share another tip with you concerning all those magazines you’re buying for your niche. It’s simply this: Do NOT overlook the ads and classifieds in the magazines! Here’s why…

  • Leads for books that may be in the Public Domain. I’ve found several books that perfectly fit my niches from ads that were in the niche-related magazines. As a matter of fact, I just purchased two from eBay this morning.
  • Leads for other potential products. This is an area that I’ve begun to explore more and more. There were some really cool and clever products available back in the day that you don’t see around much now. Here’s WHY that’s important: Utility patents (the most common kind) expire 20 years from the date of filing with the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office, if maintenance fees are paid. Design patents (protects only the ornamental appearance of the object) expire 14 years from the date of filing. A patent cannot be renewed. After a patent expires, anyone may use the invention without the inventor’s permission. This is a million-dollar tip for those with the imagination to go after it!
  • Ad collections. Believe it or not, there are many people that enjoy old ads, and the best place to find them is obviously magazines. Collect them together to create poster prints or CD collections for your niche. It could be yet another great product for your customers.
  • Advertising styles. Some of the great copywriters from the past wrote copy for many of the popular ads of their day. And the copy in its structure and form still holds value today…especially if you’re a student of good copywriting like I am.
  • Clip art. You can find a lot of excellent illustrations in ads that are related to your niche. A niche-related print book, e-book or collection disc could be a perfect addition to your product line. And in case you were wondering if there was any value to creating a product like that, go visit Dover Publications (

Here’s a great magazine ad example for a book now in the Public Domain:


As you move forward with finding and using Public Domain magazines for your content, definitely do NOT forget the ads…they may just be the thing to create your next BIG cashflow!


Tony’s Yard Sale Gets Landscaped…

Hey Everyone,

I’m working on “landscaping” Tony’s Yard Sale with a brand-new look and format. It’s still technically “under construction”, but feel free to stop by and check it out!


Ebay’s New Digital Policy

Over the past few days, I received a number of e-mails asking what I thought about eBay’s new policy change concerning digital download products, so I created a mini-report to share my take on the matter. In the report, I share my opinions on the pros and cons of eBay’s decision, as well as some teriffic, simple strategies you can use to make the leap into the world of physical products. You can download this free mini-report HERE.


My First Spring Flower Pic…2008

This has nothing to do with the Public Domain, but I’m excited to be able to fire-up the 20D, get down on my belly (which is MUCH smaller now) and shoot my first 2008 flower pic in my front yard…yeah…Spring is here!


Enjoy the FREE gifts nature gives you!


A Day Away From the Office…and What a Day It Was!

After the terrific teleseminar we had on Monday night, I decided that I wanted to take a break from the office at some point this week for a little R&R. Yesterday, Thursday, was that day away, and what a day it was. Now, I could have taken a mini-vacation, or went test-driving sports cars. I could have headed over to the local state park and communed with nature or even worked around the house. But I had something different in mind.

 When you think R&R, you probably dream of rest and relaxation, however, mine wasn’t THAT kind of R&R. My R&R was Reading and Research and I did so at a VERY cool place that’s perfect for such a thing…the National Archives at College Park Maryland!

Jim (my Massage Therapy bud) and I hopped in the car and headed for Maryland. I was SO excited to go to NARA because it’s one of the largest repositories for Public Domain content in the world! When we arrived, we quickly discovered the “price” it costs to do research there…jumping through security hoops (for good reason) and TIME. This place was six floors of Public Domain research intimidation at its best. Let me give you just a quick example of what I mean…I had thought it would be cool to see some of the air combat photos from WWII. I love old planes and NARA is the perfect place to find photos like that. When I checked the system to see what was available, I quickly discovered that just ONE of the files on WWII aircraft (there were many…broken down by military branch and operation) contained 1.2 million images in it. Yes, you read correctly…over one million images! Now how in the world do you research with THOSE kind of numbers? It tilted my brain (in a good way)!

So I decided to go after some images even MORE dear to my heart…that I KNEW were there. Before I tell you what those images were though, I want to tell you what I took with me for the research. At NARA, there are things you’re allowed to take into the research rooms and things you cannot take in. For instance, you can take in a laptop but not its case. You can take a pencil but no pens or markers. You can also take in cameras and scanners (only certain types) but again, no cases. Notebooks and pads are NOT allowed but loose sheets of paper are, provided they’ve been checked and stamped by security. All this is to protect the data, so while it’s an inconvenience, I’m glad they have measures like that in place. Okay, the images. Of course, being the ultimate technology research junkie, I had my laptop, a portable LED scanner, two video cameras, my Canon 20D digital camera and a LOT of anticipation. The preperation was worth it!

I’ve talked before about how much I love the photos taken by Ansel Adams for the National Park Service. They’re some of his best. Well folks, yesterday, I had the privilege to go through all 226 master prints by the master himself, and I scanned my favorite 20 (wasn’t enough time to get all of them). I captured these photographs (gently with white gloves and all) at 600dpi…big enough for posters (big grin). I’ll tell you…it was almost like a religious experience. I was in awe with the idea that I had access to these master prints…wow. Here are a couple of my personal favorites from yesterday:



Aren’t they amazing images?! Well, you know me well enough by now to know that I’m going to break down the research process for you in the coming weeks (which is one of the reasons I went to NARA). But I just had to share the excitement of yet ANOTHER massive motherlode collection of Public Domain content just waiting for you and I to discover!


Public Domain Q & A Teleseminar Replay Available!

We have the replay of last night’s content overload teleseminar up and ready for you to listen to. Mike and I went for nearly 2 hours and I delivered a LOT of content…including the actual step-by-step process I use and follow for creating products from Public Domain works. On the replay site, you’ll also be able to download a PDF of the entire step-by-step, which you’re definitely going to want to grab.

Lastly, make sure you check out the teleseminar special. It’s different than the one from the last teleseminar, and this one is stellar…especially the BONUSES! They’re really sweet. There’s a link right on the replay page that will take you to that special!

BTW, I received a number of requests after the last teleseminar that I break up this next one into smaller chunks. So I did just that…the teleseminar is available in six parts. I also included forward and reverse buttons in case you need to listen to something again.

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

Using Public Domain Content as Source Material for PLR Articles and E-books

Private Label Rights (PLR) products are a hot trend in the Internet Marketing community right now, and for good reason…it’s easier to produce information products from existing content than it is to write them from scratch. So to create products quickly and inexpensively, many information publishers turn to PLR content. Now as one who has both used and sold PLR content and PLR-based products, I can tell you that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. If anything, the demand will increase. However, with information marketers becoming savvier with wanting quality content in a wide variety of niches, I’ve wondered if, at some point, the existing content would hit a saturation point. What I mean by that is that with so many people using the SAME content, and many information marketers using the SAME writers, how long will it be until PLR hits a place of saturation? And, have we already reached that place?

There are quite a few information marketers that have figured out the idea that the best way to keep PLR moving forward in sales is to redesign and rename the content they have, so that the same PLR content might be available in the marketplace under a myriad of names, which isn’t discovered until some unsuspecting person happens to purchase the various versions only to find out that he or she purchased the same thing over and over again. Yikes!

I have a solution for you that should remove any threat of content duplication once and for all. This content source is nearly bottomless; it’s mostly free, and almost completely untapped. That source is the Public Domain. But this article isn’t about using Public Domain content straight out for product creation per se…what I am proposing is to use Public Domain content to create packages of niche content for sale with private label rights. First a few qualifying comments…

The Public Domain is a great source for content on nearly any subject imaginable, but there are a few exceptions. It’s doubtful that you will find current content in the Public Domain on Internet Marketing. You may also have a difficult time finding content in the PD on highly specialized niches that are based on today’s technologies and opportunities (modern electronics, stock market niches, some real estate niches, etc.). Compared to the tens of thousands of other possible niches available to you, however, these few niches mentioned above account for a very small slice of the content pie.

Public Domain content also does not just mean books. As a matter of fact, books in the Public Domain may NOT be the best place to start when search for content for creating your PLR projects. In my own experience, it makes much more sense to start searching for content in Public Domain magazines and on US Government websites.  Public Domain magazines offer millions of issues of magazines worth of content to use, with a lot of it being quite good. Plus, the US Government spends billions each year to produce current, up-to-date content as well, most of which is in the Public Domain. Of course, in defense of Public Domain books, there are at least 85 million books in the Public Domain, between the books, magazines and government sites, you should never be lacking for content ever again.

The strategy for using Public Domain content for PLR products is simple and straight-forward.

1) Decide upon a niche or niches you need content for (for example: basset hounds)

2) Search for the content. My Public Domain Expert Toolbar ( speeds up this process considerably. For finding and using magazines in the Public Domain for your content, you should definitely have my best-selling Public Domain Magazine Secrets e-book (

3) Format the Public Domain content into a Word (or similar) document, along with a generic title, legal notice, table of contents, etc.

4) Create a cover for each project. You’ll want to create a matching header graphic as well if you plan to offer a sales page as a part of your PLR package.

5) Create the sales page minisite. The content for the sales letter can come right from the content itself. I would highly recommend that you develop a template for designing your minisite and then follow it for each PLR product you develop. That way, you can begin with a base design and just swap out related graphics and descriptions.

6) Create PLR license along with any usage instructions or guidelines you wish to include.

7) Package everything up with the Word DOC, graphics for cover and header, sales page, PLR license, etc. into a ZIP file and get ready to sell the package.

Those are the basic steps for using Public Domain works as the content source for your next PLR package. Remember, just by following this ONE strategy, you could be busy producing quality content for the rest of your life…AND making some serious cash as well.


Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar #2 News and a New FREE E-book!

Mike and I have finialized all the details for the next Public Domain teleseminar, it it’s going to be even better than the first one. To give you an idea of how much in-depth information I plan to share, I’m going to give you the list of questions I plan to answer. There are just seven questions…but I call them the **Magnificent Seven** because of the amount of valuable content is going to be shared in the answers.

Before we get to the questions and the teleseminar info, I want to tell you about a new e-book I just finished called, Public Domain Power Grid. I’ve pulled together some of my best writings on the Public Domain along with some new insights and tips to form a cohesive powerhouse of Public Domain information packed into a 141 page “plug-and-play” no-cost e-book.

It’s available beginning today through an amazing Easter Giveaway site where, along with Public Domain Power Grid, you’ll have complete F.R.E.E. access  to hundreds of ebooks,guides, software, PLR content, graphics, videos and a LOT more of quality content. Even I was impressed by some of the offerings (and I can be pretty jaded when it comes to giveaways). So grab your copy of Public Domain Power Grid, along with the hundreds of other freebies beginning today:


Okay…the teleseminar details:

Public Domain Q&A Teleseminar #2

Monday, March 24th
Phone-Number to Dial:  218-486-3695
Use Conference ID:  8873442#
Listen online LIVE at:

(The call details are also listed on the “Let’s Ask Tony” website,

Here are the Magnificent Seven Questions:

1. Hello Tony, Could you please describe the process of using Public Domain works for info products from identification all the way through to website submission?

(Yes…I’m going to go step-by-step through the entire process live!)

2. How do you get traffic to a site promoting a new product without paying for Google Adwords, which may not be affordable for your keywords?

3. I’m not nearly as creative as you, Tony. I still have trouble imagining what to do with PD. Much of it seems very outdated. Could you please provide more example ideas of what to do with Public Domain works?

4. There’s lots of public domain material available on the internet, but is it better to use offline material if possible – since there may be fewer other people using it?

5. Tony, how do you lay out your eBooks and what software you use for your website?

6. I have found numerous sources for public domain information, but I am not sure how to package the information and offer it as a viable sales package. Thanks for all the information you have provided.

7. I’ve got my domain name picked out and being on a limited budget right now, I’m confused about the host I should choose and what options I need to sell my product. How do I proceed?

There you have it…you will NOT want to miss this teleseminar!!!

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

PS – Make sure you visit the Easter Giveaway today to pick up some truly amazing gifts, PLUS your copy of my “Public Domain Power Grid”!


The Public Domain Expert Social Life…

If you aren’t hanging out at some of the great Social Networks these days, you’re really missing some fun opportunities. I’ve been a bit slow at signing up for some of these, but what a great time I’ve been having! My latest venture is into the world of Flickr. You can see my photographs and illustrations at

I’ve also been adding a lot of content to and have seen some amazing results with Google search rankings on quite a few strong keywords. You can check out my Scribd content here:

Lastly, many of you know that I have a video on YouTube called “The Power of One.” It’s based on a Public Domain poem I found and partly rewrote together with photographs and beautiful music. It’s been a year now since I posted the video and some pretty cool things are happening with it…like over a thousands views a day now. I’m really pleased to see this video begin to take off, and have a few more similar videos in the works, not to mention the nice list I’m starting to build from it. You can see the Power of One here:

If you’re not venturing into the social scene, you should, if for no other reason than to have some fun. And if you happen to get some great backlinks, killer organic search placement and increased exposure to your websites, well, so be it…big grin!