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Archive for February, 2008

How to Keep Others From Ripping-Off Your Public Domain-Based Products

I recently addressed an excellent question concerning Public Domain works, and I thought the answer might help YOU in your own efforts.

Here is the question:

What is there to stop someone from copying the material I may create from the public domain a nd packaged nicely to sell on ebay?


When it comes to working with Public Domain works (books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, illustrations, films, etc.) and protecting your efforts with them, you have three potential options to consider.

1. Change it. Once a work’s copyright has expired and it is in the Public Domain, it cannot be re-copyrighted as-is. That’s the law. However, if you apply minimal creativity to the work, you may qualify for a new copyright. A great example of this is Walt Disney’s use of Grimm’s “Snow White.” Disney took a Public Domain story and turned it into an entire product line, from films to clothes, books, and everything in between. The Grimm version is still in the Public Domain; the Disney version, however, is not. This minimal creativity approach can be as simple as recording an audio version of a Public Domain book, for example. It takes creative effort on your part, and so that effort can be protected by copyright. I call these “hybrid” products…where you take a proven work and add your own creativity and technology to create a “hybrid” product. This idea actually goes to the root of why the Public Domain even exists.

2. Clickwrap Licenses. A clickwrap license is simply the end-user agreements you often see when installing software, you will sometimes also see them in print form (Dover Publications uses them). They usually state something to the effect of, by using this software, opening this book, etc., you agree to abide by the rules of the license. Then you state what those
rules are. No commercial copying or reproduction, etc. Clickwrap licenses aren’t as secure as a copyright, but they can often be enough to discourage the end-user from ripping off your product. Typically, you would include these as a part of the installing process, as a separate “Read Me First” file, on the tray card of the CD, at the beginning of an e-book, etc.

3. Shine It On. “Shine it on” is a phrase that I learned from a dear friend who is a Cherokee Elder. Simply put, you “shine it on” when you are in a situation where you aren’t quite sure what to do, but no one else around you is sure either. So you just forge ahead AS IF you’ve done the thing a thousand times. How this applies to product creation is simple. When producing your product, strive for the highest level of professionalism possible…killer graphics, professional interfaces,
top-of-the-line everything. This type of presentation says to the prospective customer, “I know what I’m doing…don’t mess with me or my products.” We’ve been programed to think that way. Professional-looking means “untouchable.” This approach is especially helpful if you are selling a product that is a direct copy of a Public Domain work, like a thematic collection of e-books from Technically, they will STILL be in the Public Domain, even though you’re selling them on a disc, but you don’t need to let on that they are. I’ve used this method VERY successfully a number of times. It can work like a charm. Just shine it on!

In closing, if you use ALL THREE of these methods in your product creation with Public Domain works, your products will be rock-solid and protected in most case. You still may encounter an ocassional bonehead, but if you used #1 and changed the work creatively, Mr. Bonehead can be taken down for copyright violations.


Would You Like Me to Design Your Next Website?

For some people, one of the frustrating and challenging tasks of doing business online is creating compelling, professional-looking website and product graphics.

I see it all the time…I’m sure you have too…you come across some website that promotes the owner’s latest e-book, software or other product, and immediately, you notice that the website graphics…well…they SUCK. I don’t know about
you, but when I come across a site like this, I can’t help but wonder just how good the product can be. You know the logic…

If the graphics suck then the product probably does too!

Of course, this logic can be flawed. I’ve found some excellent products that had poorly-produced graphics, and while I LOVED the product, I definitely felt I was taking a bigger risk by making the purchase because of how the website LOOKED. We live in a visual society and this certainly carries over to the Internet. Hopefully, this scenario doesn’t apply
to any of YOUR websites! I do understand though that marketers, especially new marketers, can face challenges
when it comes to having a professional looking website. I’ve been there!

If you’re READY to take your web graphics to the next level and boost your sales through the roof…if you are intimidated by hiring a professional Graphic Designer who may charge you a small fortune…if you want to save a TON of time by NOT having to design your graphics yourself…

Then I have GREAT NEWS!

I’m a firm believer that it’s MUCH easier to build on the expertise of others rather than start from scratch. Honestly, that’s why PLR and Public Domain products are SO popular for marketers: They provide a starting point for creating products quickly and inexpensively. The same is true with graphics. Smart Marketers rely on experts to fill in the skills sets they are weak in rather than trying to learn or do everything themselves. That’s where I come in.

I want YOUR websites to look amazing without you having to master a new skill or spend a small fortune. That’s

I have PERSONALLY created a killer package of graphics, product images, and yes, even the actual webpage templates
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