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Archive for December, 2007

When Making an Extra $305 a Week Might Be a Bad Thing…

I have a confession to make…

My oldest daughter, Ashlea, is selling herself to others for a measly $7.65 an hour.

Is she a really cheap hooker? Heavens no! She works at Circuit City as a customer service manager. I don’t envy her. I wouldn’t do it, but she likes it most of the time. In exchange for 40 hours of helping people, dealing with the occasional idiots, problem-solving and making Circuit City a happy place to shop again, Ashlea is rewarded with $305…and that’s BEFORE taxes.

So to recap, we have the following equation for Ashlea’s worth (at Circuit City):

$7.65 X 40 HOURS = $305

Thinking about it makes me queasy on my stomach. I can’t imagine trading 40 HOURS of my life for $305 (although I did trade my time for money for years)

Let me ask you…are you in a similar situation?

Tell me if one or more of these bullet points describe YOU:

* You are working the 9 to 5, trading your time for dollars.

* You have thought to yourself, “THAT would make a great Info-Product.”

* You feel that you’re not an expert on anything; but still want to create your own product.

* You tried to create a product of your own but gave up.

* You’re about to begin writing an ebook or are partway through one.

* You’ve got a bunch of “half done” products on your desktop.

* You think it’s too hard to create your own info-product.

* You think it takes too much money to create your own info product.

* You have just 1 hour a day to spare to work on your info-product.

* You’ve got a web page that isn’t converting as well as you’d like.

* You think you can never create a professional looking info product audio cd, pdf, ebook, or download pages.

* You’ve had a problem getting your payment processing set up to take orders online.

* You know you want to sell products online but haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it.

* You’re not 100% satisfied with the results you are achieving right now.

If ANY one of those bullet points describe YOU, or you’re in the same situation as my daughter and you want MORE,
then you need to make the decision RIGHT NOW that 2008 is going to be different. Go to:

…and get ready to dream again. This amazing new product will DEFINITELY help you succeed once and for all!

To your 2008 success,

Tony Laidig

PS – Why get paid for your time ONCE when you can get paid for it over and over and over again? THIS “secret” makes it easy:

PPS – Watch for my next Public Domain update! I’m going to share where to find a TON of great Public Domain Audiobooks for FREE!

And the Winners Are…

Hello everyone,

We have our winners for the Christmas Challenge drawing! This afternoon, after a wonderful Christmas meal prepared by my sister, I had my Dad draw three names (from over 500 entries) out of my official Indiana Jones fedora.


And the three names he drew are as follows:

Publicus Domainus

Kevin (laj)

John Randolph

Congratulations to the three of you! You will be receiving copies of all my current products, digital and physical, as well as all the future products I create! Way to go! I also want to thank everyone who participated in the Christmas Challenge drawing. Of course, the “Old Fisherman’s Net” puzzle continues with the final clue being revealed later this evening. I’ve invited in a guest expert to help all of you with the puzzle’s solution.

On a personal note…I want to thank you all once again for all the prayers, thoughts and encouragement for my Dad. We’re thankful that he was well enough to enjoy the holiday with all of us, but his battle with the cancer continues. As you can imagine, the last few days have been very special for us. Even though Dad was unable to read the Christmas story this year (a family tradition of over 40 years), I was honored to be able to carry on the tradition this year in his stead. We don’t know what the future will hold, but we have right now to cherish, just like the rest of you. If I’ve learned nothing else this year, it’s this simple yet profound lesson: Live for the day!

I wish each of you a blessed Christmas, Huanakah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and any other special times of celebration you might honor this time of year!


Giveaways, Puzzles and Gifts, Oh My!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the honor of serving you this past year. Hopefully, your insights into the Public Domain have increased dramatically and have led you to success online and off. I will continue to share insights and tips in 2008 that will help you to acheive your  online goals. Some exciting plans are in the works for next year. Here are a few hints:

=> Expert Online Startup Course. Jim and I have decided to approach this differently than we had originally planned in order to make it even MORE  effective for you to succeed! The first lesson  will be available by Jan. 1! It will still be
FREE. As shared before, I will be hosting this course at

=> Info Gold Extreme. This is nearly finished. I’ll be sharing more on this soon!

=> PDX Magazine. I am marrying my Public Domain and marketing knowledge together with my graphic design skills to create a killer new monthly PRINT magazine that will blow away anything you’ve  seen. Watch for a preview soon!

=> And A LOT more that I’m not going to share just yet!


I also want to remind you about a few really cool things that are currently happening!

=>The Christmas Challenge<=
Many of you have already registered for the giveaway I am hosting tomorrow, Christmas Day. Three people will receive copies of EVERY product I have created, as well as every product I ever WILL create! If you haven’t entered yet, go to:

Under the bonuses, you will see an opt-in for the Christmas Challenge. Complete the form and you’ll automatically be entered into the free drawing. No purchase is necessary. Once you’re  in, you’ll also discover a puzzle and a series
of clues. Everyone who solves the puzzle will be led to a very special page where you will gain access to a bounty of free product downloads!

NOTE: You MUST enter the Christmas Challenge by Midnight tonight to be included in the drawing tomorrow! The puzzle, however, will be available after Christmas!

=>Directory Cash Blueprint<=
The price for Directory Cash Blueprint increases to its regular price of $67 on December 26th, so you still have time to save $20!

=>Tony’s Yard Sale<=
Did you unwrap your gifts from me yet? They’re over at my Yard Sale site…right there under the tree. Nothing to buy…just some really cool presents!

To your Christmas success!

The Public Domain Expert

PS – I will announce the winners of the drawing tomorrow evening HERE on my blog! Watch for the special announcement!

Mining Google Books for Its Secrets

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, when it comes to finding works in the Public Domain, you can’t find what you don’t know you’re looking for. Because I’m such a crazy research type, I’ve developed (and stumbled upon) some research methodologies to help me actually FIND some of those gems I keep telling you about. In today’s article, I’m going to pull back the curtain on some search “tricks” I’ve discovered to aid you in finding and identifying a treasure trove of books, magazines, newspapers and more!

I’m realizing more and more that, when it comes to finding the information you’re REALLY looking for, you have to use the right keywords and keyword phrases. How many times have you tried to find something on Google by typing in the LOGICAL keyword(s) and the results that are returned are nothing but crap? I hate that! This “problem” is part of the dark side of Google’s (and others) search algorithms. Making the search engine spit out the seeming OBVIOUS results you need can definitely be a lesson in futility. I’ve found that the same issues tend to be true with Google Books ( as well! What good is having access to tens of thousands of books if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Right?

I’ve been experimenting and testing some searching strategies on Google Books that are returning some promising results. I’ve been able to identify and discover the types of books I’m looking for much more quickly. Now, some of what I’m going to share may seem obvious to you, but chances are that fewer than one out of a hundred of you are actually using these methods to locate those Public Domain goodies we all want. I debated sharing this with you for free because it’s proven really effective against the war on search engine results, but I want to see you succeed, and I’ll never be able to use ALL the content I’m finding. So, here is this research secret described as clearly as I can.

As I stated early, when using a search engine of any type, it’s ALL about the keywords, and in this article, I want to show you how to find books (and other printed works) that you are completely unaware of. Here’s why, it would seem obvious that, if you want to find books on “DOGS,” or to be even more specific, “SIBERIAN HUSKIES,” it would seem obvious that all you need to do is just type in THOSE keywords and you’re good to go, right? In most cases, NO! Try it! Sure, you may find some books, but are they the best ones to find?

There are a number of printed sources that contain listings of books, with the most obvious one being bibliographies. There are also Guides, Catalogs, Periodicals, Magazines, and Newspapers. So the first thing we want to do in our search is to test each of THESE keywords to see what type of results we’ll find. If you’re looking for a specific niche, you can also include that niche keyword with your search, ie. dog guide, dog magazine, etc. Here is the list I use when beginning my searches at Google Books (these keywords also work well at Live Search Books (

Search Keywords:

  • index
  • guide
  • catalog
  • catalogue
  • periodical
  • magazine
  • newspaper
  • bibliography

Perhaps you noticed that I included two spellings for “catalog.” Both spellings were in use in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, depending on who was using the word. Both keywords usually produce results.

When working specifically with Google Books, I’ve found that there are two ways to speed up the search process, especially if my keyword(s) returned thousands of results—Google’s “Subject” feature and “Intitle” feature. (NOTE: Anytime you are looking for Public Domain books on Google Books, ALWAYS make sure that your results ONLY include “100% Viewable” books.)

Google’s “Subject” feature enables you to search for books based on their subject matter, kind of like general topics or broad niches. Here is the way this works: in the search dialog box, type in the word “search:” with a colon and then the subject you want to search for in quotes…no spaces. Here is an example: subject:”dogs”. The results you’ll receive are the books related to your subject…in this case, “dogs.” In using this feature to find books, or more correctly, lists of books that are in the Public Domain, I’ve identified several keyword combinations with the “Subject” feature that can work extremely well in helping you find what you’re after. Here is the list I use for my own research:

Searches Using Google’s “Subject” Feature:

  • subject:”Best books”
  • subject:”Catalogs, Library”
  • subject:”Catalogs, Booksellers”
  • subject:”Bibliography”
  • subject:”Broadsides”
  • subject:”Collectors and collecting”
  • subject:”Periodicals”
  • subject:”Newspapers”
  • subject:”Publishers and publishing”
  • subject:”Indexes”
  • subject:”American periodicals”
  • subject:”Press”

The results you’ll receive will vary, but using the examples above, you will discover millions of “new” books that you never knew existed before. You can also use this feature together with other keywords to define your search even further. For example, conducting a search using the following search string—subject:”Periodicals” dogs—will return results for only those periodicals that include the keyword “dog.”

Google’s “Intitle” feature enables you to search for books based on keywords in their title. For example, a search using the search string—intitle:Dogs—would only return results that included the keyword “dogs” in the title of the work. This refinement can be very handy in refining your search for specific types of books. For finding listings of books that I know could include the type of information I’m after, I use the following as a part of my own research:

Searches Using Google’s “Intitle” Feature:

  • intitle:Catalog
  • intitle:Magazine
  • intitle:Newspaper
  • intitle:Guide
  • intitle:Periodical

As with the “Subject” feature, using keywords along with the “Intitle” feature will limit your results to those titles that include the keyword(s) in the text of the work. For example, conducting a search with the search string—intitle:magazine dog—would return results that had the keyword “Magazine” in the title and the keyword “dog” in the text of the work.

I hope that this brief report has opened up some new research possibilities for you. Since “Content is King”, finding that content quickly and easily is an extremely important skill to have at your disposal. With this search strategy, you now have one more valuable “tool” in your Product Creation Toolbox!


Is Santa Using Directory Cash Blueprint?

Remember the classic Christmas lyrics, “He’s making a list and checking it twice. Gonna find out if you’re naughty or nice…”? It made me wonder, “Could Santa benefit from Directory Cash Blueprint?” It seems like he has his list product ideas down to a science. Do you? Directory Cash Blueprint reveals 54 different types of directories and lists you can use to create profitable information products, and for now, it’s STILL only $47, but only until Christmas. The day after Christmas the price goes up to it’s regular $67 price tag. Get your copy today and join Santa and myself to create create your own successful directory list-based products!


Does the Law of Attraction Work on Food?

This past weekend, I was speaking with one of my mentors and our conversation took us in several directions over the course of our two-hour chat. He challenged me about knowing and moving forward in my life’s mission rather than just plan for 2008. He asked some tough questions, and made even tougher suggestions (which is why I talk with him). One of the areas he challenged me in was my diet and the need for me to treat my body in a more healthy, beneficial way. Most of my life I’ve been a stocky kind of guy, so it was hard to hear, but I knew his “encouragements” were right on!

Over the course of the next day, I though a lot about the changes I need to make concerning what I eat and concerning exercise. And then it happened…the Law of Attraction kicked in…well, maybe not the Law of Attraction, but something very curious happened. Here’s what took place on Tuesday…

I helped a friend locate and purchase a Wii video gaming console (something that is very hard to do these days), and in return, he has promised me a free large pizza a month for a year (he owns the pizza shop I eat at down from my office). Also that day, at home, we received a UPS delivery of a cooler full of premium meat (filet minion, gourmet burgers, stuffed sole, etc.) from a former customer of mine, and, on the same day, the building manager for our office building showed up at my office with a big box of candy! All that happened on Tuesday! LOL It was kind of crazy, but also very cool! I emailed my mentor about the windfall of food, and his response, well, challenged me…grin…but I’m still eating the food. Boy was that filet minion good…mmm.


Digital Photography Tips – Finding the Memorable Shots

With the increased availability, lower prices, and higher resolution, digital cameras are quickly becoming a valuable tool, not only for capturing those memorable moments, but also for making money! One of the primary secrets to successful digital photography is knowing how to find memorable shots that publishers, graphic designers and stock photography sites are looking for. I put together a short report that shares seven of those strategies. You can download for FREE here: Making_Money_with_Your_Digital_Camera.pdf 


BTW, for more information on one of the top, most effective systems for making money using your digital camera, visit:

Why This Method ALWAYS Works!

Last night I was out shopping with my wife and daughters…there are a lot of crazy people out there! One dude even ran over the tip of my wife’s boot in the parking lot. Of course, the kid was afraid to get out of his car, I think because he was afraid my wife would kick his butt (and she probably would have). Remind me to tell you the story about the guy who ran over our trashcan sometime. It’s hilarious. You don’t mess with Lakota women. Trust me.

While we were out, I stopped by Borders, my favorite place to kill a few hours. I purchased a few gifts for family, picked up a few things for me and went through my typical routine of flipping through the latest design and business magazines. It was great! On the way home, I thought about what I had purchased at Borders and the things my wife asked me to write down as gifts ideas. Suddenly, it occurred to me, nearly ALL of them were based on lists. The new ToyFare magazine I bought lists all the newest action figures, including the “50 Greatest Fictional Weapons of All Time.” The HD Video Pro magazine lists the pros and cons of today’s digital HD cameras. The Firefly DVD series includes all the episodes from the series (another list of sorts). I could go on and on.

The truth is that this method of product creation—directories and lists—is a rock-solid approach to create strong, successful products in nearly any niche. Why? Simple! It’s human nature. Lists trigger psychological responses from us in a number of ways. Here are four of those triggers:

1. Reductionism – Lists often reduce huge amounts of information down to highlights. We like this because we feel like this is saving us time. Outlines, bulleted or numbered lists or even Powerpoint presentations cater to our linear way of thinking by reducing information.

2. Recommendation – We don’t know everything about everything and we certainly don’t have time to learn it. Recommendations help us sort through the choices to make educated decisions about things we know little or nothing about. When you couple authority with recommendation, you’ll have a powerful product (Rachel Ray’s Guide to the 10 Best Pasta Recipes, for example).

3. Access – Directories and lists give us access to information quickly that might otherwise take us hours, days or, in some cases, months or years to accumulate. This is by far one of the BEST reasons for creating this type of information products.

4. Completion – We have this internal thing about us where we feel the need to complete things. Think about it…we see a list of six things and one is missing, it will drive us crazy until we solve it. Of course, from a marketing perspective, this can work in our advantage if we use it right. Let me give you an example: Create a series of books around a common theme—a six-book series on eating healthy. Book 1 is Vegetables; Book 2 is Fruits; Book 3 is Breads; Book 4 is Meats; Book 5 is Drinks; and Book 6 is Desserts. If a person buys the first three books, chances are high that they will buy all of them. So you sell the first three books as a set, and offer the remaining books as an upsell. Get my drift? Your conversion rate will be high because your customer will want to complete the “list”…the entire six-book set.

My new product, Directory Cash Blueprint, takes a look at 54 different types of list and directory-based product creation approaches you can use to create profitable products. I’ve included, examples, ideas for adding value to your products, strategies for re-purposing content with examples from my own experience and a lot more. Plus, I’ve priced it so that it is within reach of most people. But the discounted pricing ends on December 18th. Get yours today!


BTW…I’ve included some great bonuses, including one bonus you can download whether you purchase or not…a chance to receive copies of every one of my existing products AND all my future products. All the details are on the website! See you there!

My Wife Won…

My wife got an idea in her head…something she thought would be cute. It involved Kola and I objected. She insisted and I complained. She scheduled it and I warned. And what happened next is one for the history books…

My wife WON!

What was this life and death struggle? Check it out for your self…



Christmas Challenge Update

There are few changes I need to tell you about concerning the release of Directory Cash Blueprint and my Christmas Challenge.

First, the Christmas Challenge…to make everything more fun for everyone (and to make sure I stay within the confines of the legal system), I’ve had to make some changes to the contest. I’ve decided to open up the Christmas Challenge to  everyone with no purchase necessary. Updated rules will be included on the website and in the revised Christmas Challenge e-book. I also needed to make changes to how the  prizes will be awarded and what prizes will be offered.

The Christmas prizes will be awarded by random drawing on Christmas Day from the names of all those who opted-in to the Christmas Challenge at the Directory Cash Blueprint website (that includes you). The prizes to be awarded will be as follows:

Three (3) winners will receive:

A copy of all my existing products and all future products created by me over the course of my lifetime in business. This will include products from every niche I’m involved with. This will be a huge package!

Due to legal restrictions, I cannot include the cash payout I had hoped to include, sorry!

Now concerning the solution to the puzzle itself:

The solving of the puzzle is NOT a part of the giveaway on Christmas Day, but still offers “great wealth” to the ones who solve its mystery. For those who solve the puzzle…its solution directs you to a secret website where you will have access to a special product package that I think you’re going to like. I won’t say what it is, but it’s worth your while and available
to everyone who solves the puzzle.

I’ve uploaded the final puzzle to the original download site, along with the Directory Cash Blueprint Preview copy. To get your copy (if you haven’t already signed up), go to:

This updated version has the latest version of the contest rules so you can get to work on the puzzle’s solution. The puzzle isn’t easy, but I will be offering free hints, clues and tips to help you solve it.

Which brings me to my next update…

Directory Cash Blueprint is on schedule to launch Friday, December 14th at NOON. You will not be disappointed! This may be the best product I’ve created yet (I know I’m happy with it!).