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Archive for November, 2007

If God created software for marketers, would it look like this?

I’ve never promoted the product launch of another marketer before…partly because I personally hate getting inundated with 50 e-mails all selling the same thing.

TODAY, I make the exception!

A new software program was released today that is SO powerful, so incredible (seriously) that I think God must have had a hand in its creation. Believe me, I’m not exaggerating. I bought it already and the difference it will make in my business…I’m grinning
ear to ear (really, I am).

If you have to put off buying MY products to make this purchase, DO IT. If it has to be either or, buy this one…seriously.

You know what, I’ll make it even easier…

If you buy THIS software through the link provided in this post, send me your receipt (send to: and I’ll GIVE you the choice of ANY ONE of my products for F.R.E.E. That includes the Toolbar and Code Book. Heck, I’ll even include my new Info Gold Extreme product that will be coming out soon.

So here’s what you need to do:

1) Click the link and buy the software.
2) Send me your receipt so that I can verify the sale went through me.
3) Let me know what product of mine you want for F.R.E.E.
4) I’ll send you the download link?

Sound Good?



Update on My Dad…

dad.jpgToday was a very long day with my Dad’s surgery. It’s been a week since Dad was rushed to the hospital, and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster the entire time. Today’s surgery went as well as it could considering the delicate nature of removing a mass from someone’s brain. There were no surprises or complications and we’re very thankful for that. Within an hour of the surgery being completed, Dad was trying to talk. I think he needed to prove something to himself since the tumor was located right by his speech center. And while it was very difficult to understand him most of the time, he insisted on trying to talk…for over an hour. He asked that we make sure we call everyone and let them know how the surgery went. He mentioned every family member and personal friend by name. He asked about my daughter’s visit to the hair stylist for highlights and how it turned out. He said he wanted to go to Bob Evans to eat when he got out of the hospital. And he said how much he wanted to go out to take pictures with me again (Dad was the one who got me started with photography when I was a kid).

 He also expressed his love for each of us, and for God…and he cried alot…we did too. As you can image the stress has been tough, especially for Mom who felt so helpless as the man she’s been married to for 46 years was fighting for his life. But Mom is strong when she needs to be. Cherokee women are like that.

So now begins recovery. Dad’s not out of the woods yet, but the journey toward wholeness has begun. We still have to wait for the pathology report on the tumor…cancer or not…and of course, there’s the recovery time. But in the end, all the prayers from around the world…from you…have made a difference, and my family and I are eternally grateful. Saying thank you seems so small, but for now, it’s all I can offer. So, in anticipation of a family meal at Bob Evans and some great Fall photos…

Thank you!

Tony Laidig
The Public Domain Expert

Public Domain Blog Online Again!

I’ve finally been able to get the Public Domain Blog functional again. I lost all the original posts included with the previous version of this blog when the server was hacked, so I will slowly be re-introducing some of those relevant posts as time permits.