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Archive for November, 2007

Christmas CASH!

On December 4th, I am launching a very special Christmas promotion where one lucky person could receive up to $500 CA.SH or MORE from me through Paypal on Christmas Day! Wouldn’t THAT make for a great Christmas surprise? I’ll share more details on how it will work on December 1st, but I will tell you this much…it will involve solving a very special kind of puzzle. (HINT: I’m a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and mysteries about buried treasure).

More details to come December 1st!

Also, if you haven’t stopped by my Yard Sale yet to pick up the special physical products I am offering this week for my Black Friday sale, I suggest that you do so by THIS Fridayfor TWO important reasons:

1) On Friday, I am removing the physical products from the Yard Sale and you will not see them again at those prices.

2) Everyone who purchases any of the physical products automatically qualifies to participate in the Christmas promotion.
What that means for you is that you will get a head start on solving the special puzzle, thus increasing your chances of
winning. It also means you’ll save some money on some great products! So look at it as a secret advantage because you’re
on my list. Oh, and if you’ve already ordered one or more of the physical products, don’t worry, you’re in!

Go here now:

To your Christmas success!

The Public Domain Expert

Researching the Public Domain at ( is a great resource for finding…well…answers. But it is ALSO a great place to uncover Public Domain books, if you know how to use the site to find them. Of course…I am going to tell you HOW to do that…so get ready to have fun digging for your own “nuggets.”

Okay…first things first…you COULD go to the website’s main page and begin to search there for Public Domain books. It IS a search portal after all, but you will have a much harder time locating the books we are looking for. I don’t know about you, but I like to find things the EASY way. So that being said, I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on EXACTLY how to find the Public Domain books easily. Sound good? Great! Let’s go…

1. Launch your web browser and type in the the website’s address. But instead of just typing in the main site, use the following address:”YEAR” where “YEAR” is the publishing year for the books we want to find (in other words, do not type in “YEAR”. You want to type an actual year, like 1902 in the place of “YEAR”. Now remember, all books published in the year 1922 or earlier are now in the Public Domain, as well as approximately 80% of the books published between the years of 1923 and 1964. For now, we’ll keep it simple and stick with books that we know for sure are in the Public Domain. Using my earlier example of 1902, complete the web address so that it looks like this: Once you have typed in the address, hit .

2. The first thing you will notice on the resulting page is a section on Science and Technology. This is NOT what we are looking for. What WE are looking for is the “American Literature” section. Scroll down the page until you come to the American Literature section or use the drop-down navigation menu located at the top of the screen and select “US Literature.” When you get to the American Literature section, you will see a number of sub-categories listed including Drama and Theater, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry and Publications and Events. Now here is an exciting nugget of treasure…all the authors and books you see listed in these sections are ALL in the Public Domain! Now before you go off on some rabbit trails (there will be time for that later), let’s dig a little deeper.

3. Scroll down through the sections until you come to the Nonfiction section. Locate an author named Charles Eastman (he is my favorite Native American author). The entry will look like this:

Charles Eastman (1858-1939): Indian Boyhood. One of the earliest Native American autobiographies captures Eastman’s first fifteen years as a traditional hunter and warrior in Minnesota and Canada. The work makes Eastman the most widely known Native American writer in the first decades of the twentieth century. It would be followed by three collections of short stories dealing with Sioux traditions and history–Red Hunters and the Animal People (1904), Old Indian Days (1907), and Wigwam Days (1909)–and a continuation of his autobiography, From the Deep Woods to Civilization (1916).

4. Click on the author’s name. You will notice that the resulting page contains a listing of books by the author, an author biography, links to online works by the author, and much, much more. It doesn’t get any easier than this, folks!

5. Okay…hit the “Back” button…let’s look at another author. Scroll up a bit until you are in the “Fiction” section. Click on “Jack London,” another of my favorite authors. Again you’ll see a massive amount of info about the author that includes a complete bibliography and links to many of his books available online. Yes, this is THAT easy! I TOLD you!

6. Now go back up to the web address line and type in another year and hit . Follow the same instructions and see what you discover. That’s it…amazing isn’t it?

What is so wonderful about this website is that takes a lot of the guesswork out of identifying outstanding books and authors that are now in the Public Domain. This is valuable information that I encourage you to explore. You never know what gem you just might uncover!

To your continued success!


Yard Sale Allegations

There have been some serious allegations made toward me concerning the use of my dog, Kola, on my Yard Sale site. So I’ve decided to set the record straight and end the rumors once and for all…

Please take time to read the response using the link below:


More Free Software

Effective product creation often requires different types of software tools that enable you to accomplish your tasks quickly
and easily. As I’m sure you’ve discovered, the best software packages can cost hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of dollars, which can put them out of reach for some people.

Tech Smith’s recent offering of Camtasia inspired me to search the web for the BEST free software packages you can use at no cost for nearly every aspect of your information product creation. These are not just cheap, difficult-to-use programs…many of these or open source programs compare to today’s most popular paid programs.

Download “Software and Productivity Tools for Information Product Creation” at my Yard Sale site for FR.EE. I hope you enjoy the programs and find them useful!

To your continued success!


Camtasia for FREE!

I received an e-mail from my friend, Kevin Riley, who shared some GREAT news, so I just had to pass it onto you.

Tech Smith is giving Camtasia away for F.R.E.E.! You read correctly! Camtasia is the most popular screen capture video software on the planet! They are running special campaign right now to promote version 5 of their software, and, as part of that promotion,you can get a fully functional copy of Camtasia 3 for absolutely no cost and no strings!

This is the exact same version I have installed and have been using for ALL my video production.

Even if you’re not making videos yet, you should still get own your copy today because I don’t know how long this amazing
offer will last. Here’s what you do:

1. Download the free trial version:

2. Go to Techsmith’s promo page and fill out the form (it’s a really simple form):

3. In a few minutes, you’ll receive a software key from Tech Smith. Install the download (from Step 1) and enter the key (from Step2). That’s it! You’ve got a fully working Camtasia 3 — and it won’t cost you a penny.

Have fun with it. You’ll have a whole new realm of product possibilities open to you!

If you need a guide to help you get started quickly, this one will help…I have it and you should too:

To your continued success!


Ebay Product Idea #51

This morning, I was spending some time digging around on eBay and discovered #51 in the number of ways you can sell Public Domain products on eBay…actually it wasn’t a new discovery at all. It’s a strategy I’ve used to earn a LOT of income in the past year (over $50k just from this one idea alone). I’ve not applied this strategy to eBay but others have, so I thought I’d share it with you today!


#51 – Lists of data from the Public Domain.

Crete lists comprised of commonly accessable data found in the Public Domain, like addresses stats or websites. 


Copyright Circular 32 says in part:

Copyright does not extend to names, titles, and short phrases or clauses such as column headings or simple checklists. The format, arrangement, or typography of a work is not protected. Furthermore, copyright protection does not extend to works consisting entirely of information that is common property containing no original authorship, for example: standard calendars, height and weight charts, tape measures and rulers, schedules of sporting events, and lists or tables taken from public documents or other common sources.

What that means for you is that you can sell lists of information (such as wholesaler listings) and not have to worry about copyright issues! This is great news and can make you a lot of money, especially when used in creative ways. The initial work may take some research, but once that work is done, you can sell the product over and over and over again…grin. This really is a GEM of an idea! Have fun with it!


Want to sell Public Domain products on eBay?

I just finished hammering out a fresh new report called, “50 Ways to Sell Public Domain Products on eBay.” In it, I cover all types of products you can create and sell based on Public Domain resources. A few may sound familiar, but many of these strategies are being  shared by me for the first time.

I guarantee that I’ve included some ideas you’ve never considered before. As you can tell from the title, there are 50 different strategies that I share, but  when you factor in the different types of delivery–Digital download, CD, DVD and Print–the count is actually much greater. You can also use these ideas for your other online or offline ventures
as well. As always, you’ll find it at Tony’s Yard Sale:

I also want to mention here (because it has come up on a few occasions)…Just because you see someone else selling something similar to your idea does not me you shouldn’t sell it, or that it will not sell. Most people know nothing about marketing (the same is true for many marketers, unfortunately). The challenge is to make your product or sale
better…NOT necessarily cheaper!

I conducted a research study on eBay recently where three people were selling the same Public Domain content (panoramic maps). One person was selling large individual inkjet prints for $24.95 each; another was selling the maps on CD as collections by state for $9.88 per state; and the last person was selling the entire collection on 3 DVD’s for $9.99. The last person even bragged in their sales copy how their price was much cheaper. Who do you think moved the most volume of sales AND made the most money? The first person in both cases…MORE individual sales and MORE money. Take that to heart, and keep it in mind as you read my new report!

To your continued success!

Tony Laidig

My REAL motivation for teaching a massage therapist how to sell online!

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback concerning the new Case Study I’m running with my buddy, Jim, the Massage Therapist, to teach him (and you) how to set up his (and your) first online products to sell. I’m officially titling the Case Study, the “Expert Online Startup Course,” and as I stated earlier, it will not cost you a thing to participate in it.

I sat down with Jim the other day and we recorded a brief video to introduce the course and Jim (so you down’t think he’s
some alter ego of mine…lol). You can check out the video at my Expert Media Tips website here:

This site is where ALL the posts related to this Case Study course will be posted.  As new posts are available, I’ll let you know.

To your continued success!


Why you need my new Video Report!

I just finished my latest report, titled, “Public Domain Video: Taking It to the Next Level,” and I think it’s one of my best yet.

In it I reveal:

=> How you can benefit from the video efforts of others

=> My top 15 favorite online sources to download Public Domain films (I’ve never shared some of these before anywhere)

=> Ways you can use Public Domain Films to make money right now

=> How to find Public Domain films offline

=> An advanced strategy I’m testing right now to take Public Domain films to digital video

=> The four factors you have to know when working with Public Domain films

=> Much More!

The Report is available right now at my Yard Sale site. Get it today and learn how you can profit from the power of
Public Domain films!

See you there!


My community used PD images to net $7,000, want to know how?

I just wrote a brand-new report recently (I’ve found that writing and working on the websites and projects is a healthy distraction from the stress of everything). The report came about as the result of my wife and I taking a few moments away from visiting Dad to check out  a local craft show. There was a Public Domain-based product being sold there that I was really unimpressed with, until they told me how many they sold. I purchased the product on the spot…and then came
home and wrote about it. I think you’ll enjoy it!

As with my past reports, this one is available ONLY at the Yard Sale!

See you there!

The Public Domain Expert